Published on May 6th, 2016 | by Tom Firehill


Working your life away

Efficiency, productivity and happiness are all inter-related, and if ever one felt dissatisfied with the outcome of this association, it might be a good idea to change the way one’s hours in a day are viewed. It is not uncommon for many a business executive to display the telltale signs of workaholics, whereby any time spent away from work is regarded as unproductive.


Most executives wish to be productive, which in turn, makes them happy – and as such, they end up spending most of their time working – only to realise at a later stage that their definition of being productive was far too narrow. Any non-work related activity, be it relaxation, exercise or time with the family, would add to the burden of guilt. The time to recharge one’s batteries no longer exists, and ironically, the more time that is dedicated to work actually results in diminishing marginal productivity.

If free time is regarded as unproductive, it is tantamount to being wasted. Engaging in activities which we enjoy and identify with – can have a beneficial effect on one’s overall performance, especially work-related. Simply doing these activities is not sufficient, one has to appreciate them to the full, at the same time – so as to reap the ensuing enhancement in performance.

When everyday activities like dinner with the family, walk in the park, doing a puzzle, playing a computer game or just calling a friend over the phone – are considered to be a waste of one’s time, then their benefits get lost. A change of mindset is surely needed under which free time is seen as an opportunity to get to know new ideas, revitalise one’s energies and interact with others; once achieved, such a transformation in attitude can greatly harness the power of the utility of free time, with a simultaneous positivity on work-related productivity.

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