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Published on June 14th, 2015 | by Tom Firehill


Trouble in Paradise?

This article is a bit sciency but nothing makes us sadder here at Elucid when we hear guys aren’t performing in the bedroom. The main reason men can’t produce the goods nowadays is because of the world we are living in now. It’s the synthetic chemicals in everything we are eating, drinking and even using to wash ourselves with that are debilitating sex life dramatically. Just ordinary plastic bottles we drink from in the 21st century contain a form of synthetic oestrogen which is the main hormone of a female. It’s not only the drinks we consume; petrol exhaust fumes also mimic oestrogen.

Plastic Bottle

Just what are the implications of oestrogen on a guy. Massive. It leaves the human body in a state of hormonal confusion which isn’t good for a man’s sex life. Now the implications of oestrogen on a bloke is that prolactin is produced which is a female hormone that is released during pregnancy and a man’s worst nightmare. The word prolactin comes from the word lactate which refers to a woman’s breasts producing milk and the only thing it does for men is lower your sex drive and kill your erections. Prolactin will cause your dick to retract more and hang a lot smaller in turn causing erections to be more difficult to produce. Avoiding prolactin is the single most important thing you can do for your penile tissue sensation and size in addition to boosting your sex drive and quality of boners. Just how bad is prolactin really? It causes severe weight gain on hips and stomach area, growth of man boobs and fills you with fatigue all the time. That’s not even the scary part, if a man’s prolactin level gets too high he will start producing breast milk and even his pelvis will begin to widen in preparation for childbirth!

So what do you need to get your mojo back to full health? It’s as simple as having a high level of male hormone testosterone. Men need a high level of testosterone to perform best sexually. Let’s do the T-test. It’s the testosterone test to see if your testosterone level is normal. It’s just one simple question; Do you wake up with an erection every morning? If your answer is no your testosterone level is below normal. Morning wood is the equivalent of your dick’s MOT. It’s checking to see if your reproductive system and sexual organs are working the way they should be. Not only that, your morning erection is like a daily stretching routine for the ligaments and the spongy blood-filled tissues inside the penis. It’s how you keep your size and halt the build up of circulation-blocking scar tissue that can eventually shrink your erections. So if you’re not waking up with morning wood it isn’t normal and there’s a problem with your system. How you feel and your overall health is based on your body chemistry specifically your testosterone level. In some ways testosterone is like the magic molecule for men, it’s what makes a man a man and keeps your body functioning the way a man’s body needs to function.


If you don’t have normal testosterone you can have all kinds of health problems from sexual frustration to risk of early death. You’ll enjoy much better health, a crazy sexual appetite and rock-hard erections with a higher level of testosterone.

This is how you can ramp up your testosterone levels:

Get enough sleep.

Vienna Bed from Warren Evans. So Comfy

This is the most important thing you need to increase your testosterone. The less you sleep greatly affects the functions of chemicals and hormones in your body which has a very bad effect on testosterone. You need at least 6-8 hours at least, it’s always good to have a good bed and mattress to sleep on, we recommend the best you can get: Warren Evans, we wouldn’t get a bed from anywhere else.

Avoid processed meats and fizzy drinks as much as you can.

Nothing beats a good Ribeye cut

Everyone can agree nothing beats an ice cold can of coke once in a while. Everything in moderation though as most processed meats and fizzy drinks contain ingredients that lower testosterone levels if you have them on a regular basis. Most of the time with processed meats you have no idea what’s actually in them, there’s never a bad time to have a juicy, fresh steak instead.

Drink full fat milk.

Full Fat Milk

I’ve been drinking it as a kid and only the blue top will do. The nutrients in full fat milk help raise levels of testosterone significantly and it tastes damn good as well.

Cut down on binge drinking.

Binge Drinking

The odd session now and then is alright but if you’re doing this on the regular just remember alcohol reduces your testosterone levels for 24 hours every time you taste the devil.

Get more sun.


Try and stay in the sun when she’s out for about 15-20 minutes and your testosterone levels will increase by a whopping 100-200%. Don’t forget to put sun lotion on first unless you enjoy looking like a beetroot.

Exercise more.

Cheetah Sprinting

When you do more exercise your body will automatically produce more testosterone. Intense short duration cardio is the best including sprints, power walking and high resistance rowing.

Maintain your weight


Being underweight or slightly overweight and obese lowers your testosterone level making it important to maintain a normal weight at all times. Work out if your weight is normal by clicking here

Lower your Stress

Don't Stress

In the fast paced world we live in now where some of us are forced to work inhuman hours in a day dealing with emails and so on making life a real bitch. The more stressed you are the more of the stress hormone cortisol is produced which lowers your testosterone level significantly. It’s important to spend at least 2 hours a day doing the things that you love most be it listening to music,  sports, video games, reading, etc. to lower those stress levels.


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