Published on November 13th, 2017 | by Tom Firehill


Three ways to remain calm when receiving negative feedback

No one likes to hear when they aren’t doing as well as they can. The thing to always remember when given criticism is that you can always improve. The next time negative feedback is given, try out these 3 things:

1) Relax

It’s never easy when receiving feedback. You have to accept the person giving the criticism holds all the cards and you just have to be patient listening to everything they deal to you.

2) Don’t be surprised

You’re probably going to hear something you weren’t aware of yourself. Just take it as if it’s something you knew about and don’t confront your boss about it. Listen and learn.

3) Ask questions 

Even if your boss is saying something that isn’t true or doesn’t make sense, hold your tongue, save it for elsewhere than this moment. Let him/her say their piece then ask questions why they believe these accusations in a calm and composed manner letting them realise themselves that they gave false criticism.

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