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Published on May 30th, 2013 | by Tom Firehill


Things You Love That Will Kill You

Sometimes it feels like the inventor of all good things had population control in mind when creating these sometimes tasty, fun, joy inducing and somewhat dangerous things to the world.  Learning to avoid most of these things or practicing some form of moderation will help you live a longer life. What is life without happiness though? Tell us about your favorite indulgent and dangerous habits with a comment.


1) Over Indulging

We’ve all heard the saying ‘too much of a good thing’, and excess in all forms can be harmful. It is obvious when you look at America’s expansive waist line and high rate of cardiac diseases that over indulging may be the norm, but the norm of having too much is killing us slowly.

Even thing that appear okay on the surface like sex, information, visiting the doctor, success, work and exercise all can lead to serious health problems ranging from stress to STDs. Finding happiness in moderation is something that we can all take away as a lesson to apply to our lives.


2) Living Longer

Think of the immortal vampires, all of those blood-sucking filled stories deem living forever as vastly over rated. With modern medicine, new technology and better lifestyles- people are living longer than ever.

As dark as it may seem to think about, our aging population comes at great cost to society. Often living longer means becoming a financial burden to our children with all the hospitals, expensive medical treatments and retirement home costs that come with old age. There is also always the anxiety of physically being here, but mentally slipping away to Alzheimer’s. While there is nothing more valuable than life, there comes a point where an individual has to ponder what is their life really worth in the end.


3) Popcorn

It is a time honored tradition to get an over-size tub of overly buttered, greased and salted popcorn to accompany our experiences at the cinema or even at a home movie. The fact is what we consider to be tasty popcorn is actually really terrible for you. Most theatres use coconut oil and butter to make their popcorn oh so tasty that it really isn’t that challenging to eat an entire XXX-Large tub by yourself. The side effects of popcorn include clogged arteries, high blood pressure, bad breath, a larger waist line and broken teeth.  In just one bag of popcorn you can end up ingesting several days’ worth of recommended fat intake.

Even if you decide to try to healthy, tasteless version of popcorn, it is still terrible for your teeth. Popcorn kernels can become lodged in between teeth causing discomfort, infections and other problems. These stuck kernels can lead to cracked teeth, abscesses, infection or even cancer. Once your teeth are infected, the infection can spread to the rest of your body through your blood stream.


4) Being a Macho Man

If you are one of those guys that believe in strict gender roles like “boys don’t cry” and what not, than you might not live as long as people with a more liberal world-view. A recent study wanted to delve into why traditionally women live longer than men, and what they found is that men who were guy’s guys would live unhealthier lives.  The reason behind it is that men are less likely to seek out preventative health-care. They are more likely to binge drink, not attend yoga classes, go the doctor and smoke random things. Health lifestyles, psh, that stuff is for girls!

If you fall under the macho man category maybe consider taking a yoga class. You’ll meet more girls there than watching the ball game at the bar. You can do both even! Yoga is an awesome hangover cure, because it builds up a sweat while getting rid of toxins.


5) Taking it Easy

Who doesn’t like cracking a beer on sipping on some wine in front of the old television after a hard day, week, weekend or whatever. Beyond the dangers of alcohol, even just sitting kills you slowly according to another recent study. Considering how much our society sits, I think we are all doomed for sure!  Occasionally make sure to take a break from your sedentary lifestyle to get up off your backside, and grab another beer from the fridge. You might want to even want to adventure outside, after just-one-more-episode.


6) Being Outside

Air pollution, tick-borne Lyme disease, lightning and the occasional animal mauling, there are so many dangers outside, better to play it safe by staying indoors. Just remember you are thinking of your health when you stay inside at the bar, on your couch or wherever. There are vagabonds about out there! Not to mention you need to finish up re-watching Lost season six or whatever new addicting season that is available on Netflix.

Next time your friend, girlfriend, father or whoever tries to make you feel guilty about an outdoor adventure, don’t feel bad about turning them down. Let them know all the dangers of adventuring away from the great indoors, and make sure to point out you don’t want to be an enabler for their reckless behavior. Even if they don’t decide to err on the side of caution with you by staying in the living room, you can know they will feel quite satisfied with themselves when they take a break at every scenic view to say or think “man, (your name) doesn’t know what they’re missing”.

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