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Published on September 11th, 2013 | by Tom Firehill


The Watch As A Fashion Statement

Throughout modern history the wristwatch has become a symbol that defines the wearer. Watches are more than just a simple way to keep track of the time of day, they are a statement that you make to the world about what sort of man you are in reality. Since men do not traditionally wear as much jewelry as women, it is especially important to make sure that the watch you choose is sending out the right message to everyone around you. When you choose a watch you are choosing an extension of your identity, so it important to carefully consider what watch will convey your style and personality.

To help you select the perfect watch we’ve sifted through the brands to give you an idea of what general personality characteristics these brands are associated with, but it is up to you to pick out the exact style you want from these brands.  Let’s take a look at what sort of fashion statement men are making by wearing certain watches.

If you see a man wearing a Timex watch you can tell that he has chosen it for its classic look. Timex is an old American brand that gives off the impression that you are cultured and you don’t throw your money around. A man wearing a Timex is often dressed well, but not in fancy clothing, he gives off a reliable look that can be very attractive to certain types of people.

A man who wears a Casio around on a day-to-day basis can go one of two ways. He either leads a very active lifestyle which could require a durable wristwatch on short notice, or he more practical and cares less about the fashion statement he is making and more about the idea of telling time accurately. The Casio G-shock line is another ambiguous watch that some men choose to wear. A large gaudy face can be a display of status among some younger crowds, but paired with a suit shows a lack of fashion sense.


The classic Rolex is a polarizing time piece. Since everyone knows that Rolex watches can be very expensive, the fashion statement they give off comes down to more subtle factors such as how the man wears and advertises his watch. A Rolex can be a very impressive fashion statement if the man wearing it doesn’t feel the need to show it off to everyone that he meets. A strong silent type will come off as very attractive with this watch on his wrist by underplaying how much it means to him. A Rolex, however, can be a bit of a fashion faux pas if worn with the attitude that you should want to show it off to anyone who you encounter. This is especially obnoxious in an era where people have easy access to the time due to smart phones. This type of behavior can turn a classy watch into an undesirable piece by making a man reminiscent of a used car salesman trying to hide something behind a shiny exterior.


IWC Pilot Chronograph

An IWC wristwatch is a very classic, rugged, and dependable piece to complement the outfit of someone who wants to sport a more traditional look. The IWC wristwatch can be dressed either up or down depending on the environment that you are going to be in, so it really is a watch for all occasions. This is a great all around watch in order to create a positive fashion statement for yourself, but you don’t want to need to think if your match watches every time you change outfits.

Each brand of watch will be the right pick for a different personality type, but you just need to take time to consider what exactly you need in a watch. Some men will look best in a Casio while others were born to wear a Rolex. Something to keep in mind when picking out a watch however is the audience who will see you wearing it. Are you trying to impress customers, a date, family or just want to know the time when you are scuba diving? Sometimes the most complicated watches have very simple looking exteriors. Most people would not appreciate the value of such a watch, but in a certain crowd it could be quite the conversation piece.

In order to ensure that you are making the fashion statement of your choice take some time to consider the image that you want to cultivate for yourself. Once you have a solid idea of who you want to be, choose a watch that fits that persona well and gives off the right impression. The right watch can pull an entire outfit together. Let your wristwatch make your defining statement for you.

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