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Published on February 26th, 2013 | by Tom Firehill


The 10 Best Restaurants in the World

The world is characterized by diversity in culture, traditions and languages. There are barriers in these aspects no matter how borderless the world seems. Nevertheless, there is one thing that connects us all which most people often agree about: good food.

Food takes us on a journey to the culture and history of a country. It tells us a story of the people who prepare and eat these every day. Having said that, it’s time to take pleasure in discovering new, fresh, extraordinary, dazzling and flavorsome dishes from the best restaurants around the world. Here are The Elucid Gents top ranked restaurants.



Alinea presentation is exquisite

1. Alinea

Located in Chicago, Alinea is Contemporary American restaurant owned by Grant Achatz, a chef known for revolutionizing the dining experience. Feast your eyes on exceptional appetizers, entrees and desserts. would you believe that some of these are served on scented pillows and even suspended with wires? Alinea is famous for “Hot Potato, cold potato, black truffle, butter.” This dish features a steaming hot potato placed above a cold potato soup with a buttery essence. The contrast of ‘warm and cool’ is a delight to one’s palate. Top it off with fragrant truffle, complimenting the whole dish.


2. Ossiano

A trip to Dubai must include dining at Ossiano in Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah. This extraordinary place provides an intimate dining experience with its huge aquarium that serves as the restaurant’s walls as well. Owned by the late 3-star chef Santi Santamaria, Ossiano prides itself in contemporary Catalan cuisine featuring gourmet seafood and Mediterranean tastes. Take pleasure in a refreshing blend of flavors with the “King crab, Pacchri di Napoli and citrus butter.”


3. Restaurant Andre

Octaphilosophy is how chef and owner Andre Chiang describes dining at Restaurant Andre. This philosophy encompasses eight characteristics of his cooking which relates to people’s memories and experiences in food tasting. That alone makes you want to hop on a plane and try the authentic French cuisine this Singapore restaurant has to offer. Don’t walk out that door without tasting his signature dish, “foie gras mousse with fleur de sel and perigord black truffle.” Let’s see if you can octaphilosophize this dish composed of a light mousse with sea salt topped with jelly and black truffle.


4. La Colombe

In 2010, La Colombe was awarded as the Best Restaurant in South Africa. Managed by executive Chef Scot Kirton, this outstanding restaurant is noted for serving French cuisine with a touch of Asian flavors. Enjoy outdoor dining with a great selection of wines and a gastronomic delight of fresh ingredients and simple flavors mixed together in a classic preparation. Veal ‘La Colombe’ is the unforgettable signature dish which interestingly combines veal tongue and scallops. So if you’re craving for something unique then La Colombe is the place to satisfy this.


5. Koki Beach

Ocean breeze, sun-kissed skin, fresh waters, and scrumptious Latin food bring you to one of the most loved restaurants in Costa Rica. Koki Beach Bar and Restaurant is an eco-friendly place constructed with reused materials such as wood and stones with artistic decorations of shells, lamps and carvings. Bask in the picturesque views of the ocean while sampling their famous ceviche composed of seafood marinated in lime or lemon with spices. Couple this appetizing dish with their best selling mojitos.


6. Parador La Huella

In the beaches of Jose Ignacio, Uruguay is a restaurant serving delectable Argentinian cuisine. Parador La Huella gives you a relaxing atmosphere with its large seating area facing Playa Brava. Share meaningful conversations while munching on a tasteful grilled sea bass marinated in lemon and palatable spices. If you love pork, then add Matambrito De Cerdo to your list of must-try’s. This pork flank steak exudes a smoky flavor that you just can’t get enough of.


7. Mugaritz

Spanish cuisine is the specialty of chef Andoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz Restaurant. Experience culture-filled dishes served in a Basque setting. Feel cozy and comfortable in this sophisticated place surrounded by lush greeneries and flowers in the garden. Savor the ambience while consuming their trademark dish of Mugaritz is “Edible Stones.” Don’t be fooled by this intriguing item as the pieces really look like stones. These are actually boiled potatoes and with gray powder that is edible as well.

8. Attica

The land down under where our mates are is also where exceptional restaurants can be found. Be sure to add a visit to Attica in Melbourne to your Australia itinerary. Try Attica’s 8-course tasting menu with matched wines and sample local flavors with a culinary experience of Asia and Europe. Part of this menu is their signature dish: “a simple dish of potato cooked in the Earth it was grown.” Chef Ben Shewry brings about mouthwatering combinations of ingredients both local and international. A modern twist to delectable dishes combined with technology in the kitchen is what Attica puts on the table.


9. Proa Restaurant

Proa Restaurant in Guam is one of the highly recommended places to eat by locals and travellers. Diners love the taste of local Chamorro cuisine and dazzling Asian food prepared by a team of chefs headed by Geoffrey Perez. Start off your meal with the bestselling “Beggar’s Purse” made of fresh tuna enclosed in a soft, rich pancake with wasabi on the side. The barbecue main dishes are also a hit along with unique desserts such as the Chocolate-Wasabi Cheesecake. This beach home-like diner is perfect for socializing while enjoying succulent entrees.


10. Noma

Tickle your tastebuds with Rene Redzepi’s recipes served at Noma, one of the world’s best restaurants. The restaurant places a high value on quality evidenced by the rustic, elegant look of its dining area furnished with luxurious wood chairs and tables on hardwood floors. However, the main star of the show is the Nordic cuisine, described as a mix of history, culture and the future. A classic signature dish of radishes in hazelnut soil makes you feel like a kid digging for treasure – a culinary perfection in presentation and taste.

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