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Sky Diving

Everyone loves hobbies during their leisure time. The lovers of novels immersed in a good book. The footballistas donning their astros. The foodies instagramming and berating a dish for not living up to their high expectations undermining the painstaking effort of a chef who they could never come close to in a heads up culinary contest themselves. Critics ey? Anyway. Skydiving is becoming a very popular hobby now, which wasn’t very popular only a decade away, a whisker of time when you think of it. Who’d have thought jumping out of a plane with just a parachute on your back to save you would become so appealing ? It’s all about finding the biggest thrills in life, that rush of adrenaline you get from the moment you enter freefall is truly is one of the best experiences ever!

What does skydiving entail? It’s when you jump from a plane and fall to earth reaching what is known as terminal velocity before releasing a parachute stored in a backpack (really want me to write where the backpack is located? Yep, you guessed it. On your face. No. No. No. Yaaaas it’s located on your…….. back  -_- ) to gently float down to earth. For anyone morbidly afraid of heights or faint of heart, this ain’t the hobby for you, my friend.


How to Start

As a beginner you will need to dive in tandem with an instructor. The reason why an instructor must be present on your first dive ever is just to save you from replicating a scrambled egg, save that look for the frying pan with an actual egg, not your one-of-a-kind beautiful self! In tandem skydiving the beginner skydiver will be connected to a harness attached to the instructor. You don’t have to worry about deploying the parachute for the both of you as the instructor will do so on your first dive. Just make sure you listen to the instructor very carefully to make sure everything goes smoothly and you enjoy the skydive in all it’s short-lived glory!

After Tandem

Practice, practice, practice, yup you need to practice tandem skydives with a good instructor for you to master it and gain the confidence and skill to eventually jump solo. Stick to your instructor until he/she gives you a go ahead to jump on your own or with friends who are experienced. Once you are at a level to jump out of a plane on your larry you can then enjoy the sky on your own if that’s your thing. For me personally, there’s no better skydiving experience than going with friends who are experienced skydivers and enjoying some airplay together!

Tandem jump fun

Guidelines of Skydiving

Firstly, you need to understand how to jump off the plane safely. Not all the methods that you see people using when diving from planes are safe, the last thing you want to do is jump out like a banana and hurt yourself or worse. Get to know and master the methods that your instructor will teach you so you can fall with style like Buzz Lightyear.

Secondly, you need to know how to deploy the parachute. This here is the most important technique that must be learnt before you can even think of skydiving on your own. It’s crucial to learn when to deploy it as if you do it too late the parachute may not be able to break your fall in sufficient enough time, too early you may end up gliding to a dangerous place such as a mountain. Scared you off skydiving already? Don’t be scared. Just practice with your instructor enough and you’ll know exactly when to deploy that life saving piece of fabric after a few jumps.

Third up, never, ever jump until you feel you are 100% ready for it deep in your heart, mind and soul. Always jump only if you are very relaxed and fully confident to do so, don’t do it if you are in an upset mood or likewise. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!

Lastly, make sure that you find a safe place to land. When you are in the air, there is always a specific place that you need to land on. If you miss that spot, you better look for another spot that is safe for your landing quick as possible. Just try not to land in any area that looks rocky or of uneven terrain as you might just hurt yourself or worse!

No homo. Just falling with style


Always wear comfortable clothes preferably designed for skydiving such as a good quality jumpsuit, you can technically jump in your underwear but that’s up to you to parade your V fronts or thong in the air once you’re an expert. Comfortable jumpsuits will allow you to skydive with ease in the air not having to worry about any clothing coming loose or the parachute falling off.

Prepare yourself mentally before jumping. Believe there will be no problems and you will enjoy every second in the air. Being mentally prepared quells all fear and allows you to enjoy the whole skydiving experience in it’s element.

You'll want to be falling again in no time

Where to skydive

If you want to learn from the best we recommend the best. The following websites will let you skydive with the some of best instructors on Earth, on the Moon that’s a different story but let’s cross that bridge when we get to it, for now:

We wish you the best of luck on your skydiving experience here at Elucid, have fun and please be safe!

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