Published on August 9th, 2016 | by Tom Firehill


Paid to take a break

Henry Ford

Henry Ford had a different approach to paying some of his employees of the giant car company everyone has heard of. He paid them…for not working!

shooting pool

How did that work? At one of Henry Ford’s car factories, there was an unusual work crew. They repaired the assembly line, but only got paid for the time they spent in the recreation room.


As soon as the red breakdown light lit up, the device counting the money earned stopped. Why? Firstly, this made sure that they always quickly and effectively made the repairs in order to return to the recreation room sooner.

Red light's off

Secondly, they always performed their work with care, to make sure they wouldn’t have to do the repairs again and leave the room once more.

Making no mistakes

That’s why fords’ are still smiling to this day

Smily fiesta

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