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Most Expensive Homes in the World

1. Antilla. Mumbai, India

Cost: $1bn

The building stands 570-ft tall above the ground and has 400,000 sq. ft. of interior area. The house has six stories of parking area alone after that the living quarters with nine elevators and a number of storage bedrooms and lounges start.

Largely glass, it includes a staff of 600 servants, but at the fee this palatial residence is getting blinged out, we will not be entirely astonished if the amount increased with a couple of hundred more! This residence is said as priciest residence for, the budget of this construction is some where around $1billion.

The Most Expensive Residence in the World

The Most Expensive Residence in the World


Some facts concerning this glorious residence:-

Staffed by almost 600 people,

The Antilla rises over 570 feet tall has 27 floors that are of dual or triple of the normal room height which really gives the feel of a 40-storey structure.

This multi- terraced house belongs to Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani who lives there with his spouse Nita Ambani and their three kids.

“We have our home right at the top because we wanted the sunlight,” Nita states of the living quarters, which have views of the Arabian Sea. “So it really is an elevated residence together with a garden.”

The Antilla also has 50-person home-theater with a garden top, with the full 6-floors dedicated to parking of family’s 168 luxury cars and a personal car-service centre located on the seventh floor, three helipads along with an air area floor, and 9 high-speed elevators, each dedicated for various floors.


2. Villa Leopolda. Cote D’Azur, France

Cost: $506m

Viilla Leopolda

Viilla Leopolda the second most expensive home in the world

Villa Leopolda, 2nd priciest house after Antilla, located on the French Riviera and assembled on 29,000 square feet of interior room that open out onto well-kept yards and a pool, it also offers 11 bedrooms and 14 toilets. The home isn’t just recognized to have the finest ocean views in the south of Portugal, however it also rests on 10 miles of perfect grounds that run down to the resort of Villefranche. Initially constructed for Belgian King Leopold’s mistresses, this home is a den of large pictures like late banking magnate Edmund Safra, Microsoft creator Bill Gates and Fiat tycoon Gianni Agnelli.


 3. The Penthouse. London, England

Cost: $200m

The Penthouse, London

The Penthouse, London

Safeguarded by the SAS, with unique functions such a panic rooms, bulletproof windows, bio-metric eye readers as well as a (not so) secret tunnel to the neighborhood Mandarin Hotel, the flat is the largest of all the luxurious apartments in the ambitious One Hyde Park project. The building boasts features such as communal spas, squash courts as well as wine tasting areas! This flat has 24 – hour room service despite the ground to ceiling fridges.


4. Fairfeild Pond. The Hamptons, NY, USA.

Cost: $170m


Fairfield Pond, not a bad summer house

Reasonable Area, the Ira Rennert Estate, is named after Fairfield Pond, that is next to the home. Found on 63 acres, the chief dwelling consists of 66,000 square feet, with added outbuildings bringing the complete living area to over 100,000 square feet. Italianate in style, there are 39 toilets, 29 bedrooms, tennis and squash courts and several other conveniences. This costly but lavish house would set you back about $170million.


5. Hearst Mansion. Beverly Hill, California, USA

Cost: $165m


Hearst Mansion in Beverly Hills

This esteemed Beverly Hills mansion, that was once residence of the US newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, has 6 independent residences, 3 swimming pools, eight fireplaces, a tennis court, a cabaret and 29 bedrooms, all spread across over 6 acres of land in a celebrated Beverly Hills environ called the Platinum Triangle. The nationally renowned house was subsequently purchased by attorney and investor Leonard Ross in 1976, who desired a “lifestyle change.” Purchasing this would make you the master of one of the most expensive properties in America and also, you would get to be the next door neighbor to Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and David and Victoria Beckham.


6. Franchuk Villa. Kensington, London, England.

Cost: $161m


Franchuk Villa, owned by Ukrainian Philanthropist Elena Franchuk

This Victorian Villa (17 Upper Phillimore Gardens) readily makes the list of the world’s most expensive properties. The dwelling is a freestanding, five-story, 10-bedroom Victorian villa, and has experienced 10 million worth of upgrades, including the additions of an underground indoor swimming pool, movie theater, panic room, sauna and gymnasium. Its modest exterior and lavish interior is a unique blend that works to give a warm and inviting appeal to the house. Upper Phillimore Gardens, Kensington boasts many upscale estates that the well – to – do flock to in droves, but They are shattered by this Victorian Villa all with cost, space, and sophistication. From the exterior, the house does not appear too dramatic. It is the proverbial Victorian Age English house – only much larger – with a gray, white and black outside, lots of windows, and steep, sloping rooftops. The interior of the house is another story completely.

Even when the former Chinese owners had the Victorian Villa in 1997, right after it made its transformation from preparatory school to luxurious villa, the interior of the dwelling was absolutely breathtaking, featuring marble, hardwood, brass and gold, and priceless art and Old World furnishings. The installation of the subterranean swimming pool is one of the home’s chief upgrades, and it occupies an entire floor’s worth of space, featuring changing rooms, toilets, lighted floors and ceilings, and pricy white marble pillars.
Elena Franchuk, a businesswoman and AIDS philanthropist from Ukraine, in 2006 allegedly bought the newly upgraded home in southwest London for 80 million. Ms Franchuk, the daughter of a former Ukrainian president Leonid Kuchma and married to oligarch industrialist Viktor Pinchuk, has long been involved in non-profit activities in her home country.


7. The Pinnacle. Montana, USA.

Cost: $155m


The Pinnacle in Montana USA

The Pinnacle is possessed by Tim Blixseth, the owner of Yellowstone Clud. The house is smaller than most on the list but the place and property make up for it. The mansion has indoor/outdoor pool, astonishing view of Pioneer mountain, Cedar Mountain and Yellowstone Club. The house even has a private seat left directly from the house to the ski resort. The scenery and beauty are what sets this dwelling apart from the others.


8. Spelling Manor. Los Angeles, California, USA

Cost: $85m


Spelling Manor, L.A.

British billionaire and F1 owner Bernie’s daughter, Petra Ecclestone now owns  the Spelling Manor, situated at the Holmby hills, in Los Angeles, California. Petra purchased this house for $85 million, much less than its listed price of $150 million, but it still made for a record breaking real estate deal. This French chateau-style mansion was constructed in 1991, and belonged to television producer Aaron Spelling.

It has 5,248 square meters of space on more than 4.6 acres and is also the biggest private home in Los Angeles County. The house is grandiosely built on three lavish story and is built on a fashionable French chteau-style. The Spelling Manor has 14 bedrooms and 27 toilets in total including a gift – wrapping parking, a bowling alley, a beauty salon and room for 100 cars. The primary Spelling house is located at the end of a long drive and is protected by a security system.

Other luxurious amenities include a bowling alley, a gift-wrapping room, a humidity-controlled silver storage room, tennis courts, two swimming pools, barber shop and beauty salon on loft, a health spa, an 18th Century-style garden, rooftop garden, a citrus orchard and a parking space for over 100 cars.

As the windows are covered by shades where a projector appears from the floor at the click of a button, the screening room is one of the most important highlights.


9. Updown Court. Windlesham, Surrey, England.

Cost: $139m

Updown Court

Updown Court

Constructed on a tremendous 58 – acre estate amid the lavish setting of Windlesham, this gigantic and expensive construction features 103 rooms plus everything that can be described as abundance and magnificence to the core. The uptown court offers a bowling alley and a private theater for maximum leisure, stables if you love horses and tennis and squash courts to hit some shots when you need to relax.

Apart from this, a heated marble drive awaits you every morning together with a parking space large enough to admit eight limousines. This stands ninth in the list of most expensive houses.

10. Draculas Castle. Romania

Cost: $135


Draculas Castle

The last but not the least, Dracula’s Castle of Romania stands tenth in the list of most expensive house. This house is built on 200 ft. tall rock, the citadel has 57 inviting rooms, courtyard and subterranean passages.

It is said that Prince Vlad the Impaler, the ferocious warlord who inspired Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” character, lived in this fortress for one night in 1400s. Digging a bit deep into the past, the Bran castle is believed to be originally constructed as a stronghold by the Teutonic Knights in 1212.

From 1920 to 1948, the citadel became the dwelling of royal family. Presently, the historic castle is running as a museum of medieval arts and about 450,000 people see the castle every year. And yes, do remember that you will be greeted by bats flying around the ramparts at twilight.

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