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Mental health awareness week: Keeping good mental health

Good mental health is more than the absence of a mental health problem. This mental health awareness week we have written an article to help everyone especially those living a high octane lifestyle. You can be a teacher, a banker or a doctor, the fact is everyone can breakdown no matter who you are or what you do. People of every description possible can lose their mind and act completely uncharacteristically. This not only puts themselves at risk but also everyone around them. There is always a trigger leading them to doing this. Here are the main triggers that make you lose your cool:

Increased stress: this could be your boss breathing down your neck to make you try and meet unrealistic deadlines for already tough work that you’re working your hardest on and is piling up, just thinking of this scenario is painful.

Bottling emotions: Let’s think of our healthy mental wellbeing as a clear empty bottle that can only take a certain amount of bad emotions, regrets, worries and many other problems before exploding. If don’t learn to empty the bottle, your problems will build up and can overwhelm you completely leading to a complete breakdown. With the analogy of the bottle, don’t let it even become quarter full as this is one of the major reasons of unhappiness. Learn to empty all of your problems as soon as you can. This diagram is really helpful:

Worries about money: Lack of it when you desperately need it such as to feed your loved ones can lead to innocent people turning to crime, ruining their relationships and so many more problems. If you’re low or broke it’s never good for your mental wellbeing and anyone around you especially your loved ones.

Arguments with loved ones: we all have arguments but it hurts the most when it’s with the ones we love the most, these can be triggered off from the smallest things and no pain can be felt greater than arguing with your friends, family and partner when everything can always be sorted peacefully. Our children always come first, always think of how they would feel when there is an argument present.

Feeling unhappy with life: everyone has something they’d like to make their lives better, some people have it worse than others and feeling like you’re worthless when you know you’re not can lead to you breaking down.

Early warning signs

Racing thoughts: when you’re thinking “I want to do everything at the same time” it’s time to stop and do the opposite for your wellbeing.

Paranoia, anxiety and suspicions about everything: if you’re having any of these it could be that you’re very agitated and close to breaking down.You start worrying about things you wouldn’t care about usually. 

Feeling irritable and angry: the smallest things that usually would not bother in any way at all start to make you angry.

Overly sensitive: People have to ‘walk on eggshells’ around you as you get upset about the smallest things.

Distracted by everything: You can’t focus on anything, if you can’t commit to one thing you’ll be distracted by everything.

Making lots of unrealistic plans: You feel you can do lots more than you usually can and get upset when you can’t do them all. The more plans you make the more frustrated you get.

Getting into many arguments: This is a critical warning sign you may be starting to lose your normal state of mind.

Stop sleeping: You stop your normal pattern of sleeping.

Stop eating: You lose your normal appetite.

Spending more money than usual: To make yourself feel better you spend much more than you normally do then regret it.

Move from one task to another without completing them: This stems from making too many plans at once.

Doing things out of character: Doing unusual things you would normally never do.

How to keep good mental health

Do calming activities: Forget about all the things that are making you stressed by doing your favourite calming activities that could be reading, listening to music to watching a comedy.

Live within your means: If you’re running low on money and feel pressured to go out on a big night out just be honest that you can’t afford it, try and stay out debt as much as you can. If your job isn’t paying enough to accommodate your lifestyle it’s time to find a better job or cut down on the hedonism.

Meditate: It’s as easy as taking 3 minutes to sit or lie down comfortably each day and just think about nothing at all, this will take your mind off anything that’s troubling you and will help you become mentally stronger to take anything on. We recommend the meditation apps Mindfulness and Headspace . Practice it each day and it will help you with everything in your life, not only your problems will go away, your happiness, relationship and work life will improve dramatically.

One task at a time: If you must meet a important deadline just remember to complete one task before starting another.

Spend time with your loved ones : You can tell them what’s bothering you and like true friends they will take your worries of your mind and tell you everything is not as bad as you might think it is.

Remind yourself you are amazing: Always remind yourself you have qualities and strengths that are unique to you and that you are amazing, because you are.

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