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Published on April 15th, 2016 | by Andrew Garcia


Meeting Her Parents 

Going to meet her parents can be a nightmare if you aren’t prepared. The best thing to do is research and plan before the meeting to avoid making the first impression a disaster. The following tips will ensure you look great and won’t portray yourself as a douchebag to your future parents in law. Try not to be scared and just be yourself! The worst you can do is make a terrible impression that forever strains your relationship with your girlfriend’s parents, the following should make your first impression as good as it can be!

1. Shave


This may be a given for most of you, but obviously you are not going to want to go with unkempt facial hair to meet her parents. This doesn’t mean you have to shave off that beard you’ve been working on for the past month. It does mean you should trim, shave and groom where appropriate. We recommend shaving the day of the meeting, so that you don’t end up looking scruffy by the time you meet her parents. Make sure not to shave immediately before the meeting though, you may end up with an unsightly cut on your face.


2. Shower


You should be showering every morning at least not just after that tough gym session and football match with your boys. Even if you don’t smell like 95% of post-puberty males do, you can tell when someone hasn’t showered by looking at their skin. Water rehydrates the skin to give it a supple firmness that you can’t get from any other moisturizer or under eye cream. Really, we shouldn’t even have to tell you this step, because there is no setting appropriate for smelling ever.


3. What is the occasion?

What is the occasion?

You don’t want to be the guy who turns up in a suit for a family BBQ. You’ll freak everyone out and look like a doughnut. Make sure that you investigate exactly what the event is to figure out if you should dress more casual or formal. Be cautious: always err on the side overdressing. Even if you make everyone slightly uncomfortable by being overdressed it is far better than showing up remembered as the guy who showed up dressed like a slob.


4. Ask Your Girlfriend


When in doubt, ask your girlfriend. Ask her what type of clothes her father and/or brothers wear to the occasion. Most girls would love for the opportunity to play dress- up with you, so don’t be alarmed by the excitement than ensues. You can also take this time to investigate about details about her family that will help you with the first meeting, for example if her dad hates poker don’t tell him that you enjoy a game with your mates every week!


5. Casual Event Don’ts

Embarrasing T shirts


When in doubt know that casual really means casual, so don’t wear anything that is going to make you stick out like a sore thumb. You are already going to be the center of attention, so there is no need to exacerbate that by wearing something too off beat. Logo t-shirts, odd colored shoes, neon colored anything, excessive body jewelry, showcasing any tattoos – just leave that stuff out for the first meeting. Once your gf’s parents have warmed to you, you can wear what you like really. Pro tip: Make sure there are no stains on anything.


6. Casual Do’s

Casual Do's

Casual can be a bit tricky since there are so many different levels of casual. There is jeans and t-shirt casual then there is khakis and polo shirt casual. When in doubt overdress just a little bit, because it is better to show up looking like you are trying to impress the parents. Try to keep to nice neutral colors that also match your complexion. If you get a chance it can be a good idea to iron out anything that looks wrinkly, because wrinkles on casual clothes look about as bad as wrinkles in formal clothes.


7. Formal Don’ts


Basically, you will want everything about your style to seemed polish. Don’t show up scruffy or with bed head, because even the nicest outfit won’t fix that look. Try to avoid anything that is a bit too loud- bow ties, neon colors, etc. Don’t wear any trainers to a formal event no matter how nice you think they may look with your chinos with the exception of converse, converse are the best! Unless her dad or brother wear earrings make sure you take that earring out before you meet! Not everyone can handle the coolness of some of us at first! Certainly don’t turn up in your bathrobe like Arthur!

8. Formal Do’s

Formal dos

Plan every part of your outfit out, so that every aspect of the style seems like it at least halfway matches. If you are notoriously bad at matching colors, consult with your girlfriend about what exactly to wear. At least a week in advanced you should considered if you have all the clothes needed for the event, or if you have to hit Bluewater for a shop..  Everything should fit you well, because ill fitting clothes make men look like a mix between a kid and homeless person, never a good look. Try on the outfit to make sure that everything seems to be in place a day or two before the event, so if you anything needs editing you can fix it then.


9. Your Own Personality

Your own personality

Nothing is worse than when you can tell someone is trying to impress you by being completely fake. There is a thin line between being polite and being a suck-up. Let your own unique personality shine through, but perhaps self censor any unsavory habits like swearing, talking politics, etc. Be prepared to share your goals, accomplishments and attitudes on life with the parents. Also, remember to mentally note some nice things to say about their daughter, and why you find her to be best girl you’ve ever met. Just be yourself and all will be fine.


10. Smile and Be Confident

Smile and be confident

Sometimes our own anxieties can shoot us in the foot when it comes to making first impressions. When we look nervous it makes people uncomfortable, and they may even possibly interpret your nervousness to other less savoury emotions like apathy, anger, etc. By changing our body language we can really change our level of confidence. Even if you are nervous as hell, sit up straight and smile. Don’t act like you have anything to be ashamed of or hide!


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