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Published on July 26th, 2016 | by Tom Firehill


How to get out of the friend zone

Everyone knows about the friend zone, and this is just a quick article to rescue guys out from there. You’re going to need some cohonas of steel for some of these guidelines but we know you have it in you.

Confidence in yourself

Maybe i'm a lion

Don’t listen to what anyone tells you, this is the main thing that a girl is attracted to in a guy. That devilish confidence where everything comes naturally; no fear, no barriers holding you back and the ability to get away with anything? Everyone has it in them. A girl will be able to see just how confident a guy is within minutes. The first thing she notices? It isn’t coming from your mouth.

Body Language

This is the very first thing a girl will notice about a guy. It’s crucial you nail this part if you want any chance out of the friendzone. Always open your arms and let her come in for the hug when you first see her, never slouch and just relax and be yourself throughout the date,

Dress sense

Dress to kill

You’re going to have scrub up your best but this doesn’t mean overdoing it. Assess the scenario where you’re meeting the girl and dress best for it. Always make sure you’re scrubbed up best you can be, don’t be turning up looking like you came out from a bin if you’re trying to impress her. If you’re going to a bar, wear some smart jeans and a shirt, just dress for the occasion. It helps to be physically fit, this means following a healthy diet and working out regularly, you also feel more confident in your self.


Orangutans Laughing

Girls hate a boring guy. Being funny comes naturally to some than others but try to make her laugh as much as you can. Shit happens to all of us so tell her the funniest stories of your past such as the time you got chased by a cow in heat. Be yourself even if you are a bit crazy, don’t hold back and if she doesn’t like you for your true self she’s not worth your time. Don’t be too cheesy, this is a major turn off for most girls. You aren’t a douchebag so don’t act like one.

Tease her

Teasing her

Remember when you were at school? Girls were told that if he teases you he likes you. That’s exactly the same for when we’re all grown up. Don’t be a Mr Nice guy agreeing to everything she says and likes, throw in a spanner now and again showing that you aren’t a lapdog. There’s a fine line between being a bit of a bastard and a massive tool. Don’t offend her too much; just use a little sexual innuendo and sarcasm when it feels right. You’ll have many chances of this and will need to work on your timing, just don’t overdo it.

Be spontaneous

Surprise her taking her somewhere she’s always wanted to go or get tickets for her favourite band. Even give her a little gift out of the blue. Girls like a guy who can surprise her and are always up for an adventure. Well at least the fun ones;)

Go in for the kiss

On cloud 9

This is the final furlong, after this you are officially out of the friendzone. Only do this when you know the sexual chemistry is high between you, i.e there’s a very strong connection between you, you’re making her laugh,  and can just see she is really, really enjoying your company. Bear in mind there’s really no time guideline on this , it could be as short as one hour to as long as  a few dates. It’s crucial to realise when she wants you to kiss her and you’ll just know it, sometimes she will even go for it and kiss you. When you’re completely comfortable with each other, don’t say a word and just go for it. The rest Elucid leaves to you. Best of luck fellas 😉




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