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Published on January 3rd, 2014 | by Andrew Garcia


Hop into Bed for your Health!

Get Some for Your Health!

Can’t get your woman to put out under the sheets? Remind her it is for your health! Here are 10 different ways that sex helps a man’s health.

1. Helps Men and Women Avoid Colds and Infections

Flu and cold season is about to commence again, so you better prepare yourself by getting some extra intimate time in. Having sex once or twice a week is linked to our body producing higher levels of an antibody, IgA, which fights off colds and other infections. Those who choose to abstain have lower levels of this antibody, so they are more likely to get sick. Hop in bed for a couple hours a week for fun time, so you don’t end up staying in bed for days feeling miserable.

2.  It is Good for the Ol’ Ticker

You know what really gets your heart pumping, some good times under the sheets. There are several studies that point out that men who have sex two or more times a week are less likely to get a heart attack. Some may fear that good sex will cause a stroke or heart attack, but this comical urban myth is completely unfounded in the scientific world. Remind your old lady that you need to do more than just eat your daily bowl of cheerios to ensure your heart keeps going for many years to come.

3. The Hotter the Sex the Better

We are all always trying to burn calories, but one way to do this that is often overlooked is having a good time in bed. As you could probably guess boring old slow and grumpy sex does not burn as many calories as active and sweaty sex. The more you sweat, the more calories you are burning. This is a great excuse to spice things up a little bit in bed through foreplay and different positions. If she doesn’t want to change things up just remind her of that extra piece of cheesecake she had last night (actually don’t do that unless you don’t want to have sex for a really long time).

4. Tames the Number One Killer

Stress majorly contributes to asthma, obesity, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, depression, anxiety and the list goes on. In our modern society all of us are constantly stressed out when we were built only to be stressed out when we were about to get eaten or starve to death. Luckily there are lots of ways to manage stress, sex is probably the cheapest of the options. People who have sex more often are better at managing stressful situations. A study found that men who had a high level of sexual activity blood pressure was actually lower when confronted with stressful situation.

5. An Anti-Aging Concoction that Actually Works!

Have you ever noticed that people who don’t get laid a lot look a little bit older? A British neurospsychologist found that people who had active sex lives looked on average of about 10 years younger than those who rarely had sex. When we enjoy sex our body releases hormones that are good for our health. The key hormone in this case is the human growth hormone that helps preserve our body’s youthful appearance. Having sex is a lot cheaper than paying for plastic surgery, eye creams and all that other fountain of youth nonsense.

6. Orgasms Help You Sleep Better

If you have any experience in the sack, you are familiar with that sweet sleepy feeling after a good roll in the hay. After orgasms our bodies release the hormone oxytocin. Research has shown that this hormone is beneficial for having healthy sleep cycles. Not getting enough sleep causes all sorts of problems from obesity to high blood pressure, so it is good to catch a post-sex nap whenever you can.

7.  Gets the Blood Pumping

When the body gets aroused it gets the blood pumping quicker through the body. The increase of blood flow leads to more blood reaching all of the organs of the body, causing your body to perform better at all tasks. The fresh supply of blood brings extra oxygen that helps get rid of old used up blood, and it brings in new refreshed blood for our body to use.  Most notably the extra blood to the brain helps us actually think about things better whether it is about that big meeting at work or getting your lady turned on.

8. Works Great as a Pain Reliever

Something as fun as sex helps keep our minds off annoying things like pain, work, family, etc. It isn’t just the distraction that can have you feeling better when you are having sex. When the body releases oxytocin after an orgasm it actually can help our bodies manage pain. In fact, it cuts our threshold for pain in half. That means headaches, back pain, hangover and all those physical pains feel a little more soothed after you get off.

9. Keeps Your Hormones in Balance

During sexual intercourse a man’s body increases levels of testosterone. These two hormones help your bones, muscles, heart, cholesterol, sperm production, mood, fat distribution and all sorts of fun things. As men age their testosterone levels tend to drop, so the older you are you should be spending more time in bed, not less.

10. Puts a Strut in Your Step

One of the many reasons people have sex is to build their self esteem. There is nothing like a hot, steamy sexual encounter to give you an extra confidence boost. While sex cannot give you all the confidence in the world, it can be a good place to start. You also don’t necessarily to have sex to feel good about yourself, but a little fun in bed certainly never hurt anybody.

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