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It’s always sunny in Philadelphia but not even close to how it’s always sunny in Dubai. Expecting a lot from the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates we stepped out of the airport hailing a taxi to embark on our very own Arabian adventure.

view from the top

Soaring to 555 metres above the ground, the view from the top of Dubai’s most iconic destination, The Burj al Khalifa skyscraper, was frighteningly appealing.

Camel and the sand dunes

Venturing out into the heart of the Arabian desert we took a break on the wavy sand dunes with our camels showing us a lot of tooth pleased with themselves or maybe just taking in the beauty of the desert.

Al Fahidi fort souk

Haggling using the word habibi and friend a few times dramatically reduced the price of market items we wanted to buy in the traditional souks, leaving us more UAE Dhiram to spend at our next spot.

Dubai Mall

It was much harder to haggle here in the largest mall in the world with palm trees in the middle, every shop you could imagine, air conditioning it was truly a sight to herald. And spend a lot of Dhiram.

Snowboarding and skiing

It’s obligatory to go snowboarding and skiing on the world’s largest indoor ski slope in Dubai as you do.

Sandy Beach Resort Fujirah

We enjoyed a beach picnic on the golden sand of Sandy beach Resort then took a dip in warm waters not wanting to come back to shore.

Shawarma stand

The shawarmas from the many stands in the food markets were just as delicious as the ones we were used to from Maroush back home where we had to fly back that night.

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