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Dreams and their meanings

No one is sure exactly why people dream, but it is fun to speculate what our dreams means. Here are interpretations of dreams that may give you insight into why you are having a dream or at least make you laugh.

Elevators and Escalators

Going up and down on these in a dream could represent the ups and downs of life from emotions to finances. If you are going higher in your dream your subconscious is telling you that you have risen to a higher state of consciousness and all your goals and dreams are being met. If you are descending it shows you are getting down to earth or furthering away what you want to achieve. When the elevator is rapidly falling or escalator moving too quick for you it shows you could be losing control of yourself or pushing yourself too hard.


Losing Your Teeth

Dreams where one loses or has lost all their teeth creates a gut-wrenching experience for dreamers at how their appearance is altered most unfavorably. Our teeth are a common sight in our everyday appearance, when we look in the mirror, chew, and smile at a passerby. From a biological stand-point, teeth are necessary to survive for nourishment and looking good.

When teeth are lost or rotting in a dream, primal instincts are showing their ugly head. It can indicate that one is conscious about their appearance and ability to perform basic survival functions, like eating, or maintaining shelter.

Losing Your Life

The human perception and reaction to death is complex, so of course death in a dream can mean many different things. Particularly dying in your own dreams is disturbing to many individuals, but luckily, unlike Freddy Kruger movies, you do wake up if you die in your dreams.

The death of yourself in a dream can mean a self transformation. The old you is dead and gone, and something new emerges when you wake. It can also mean that you are contemplating your mortality.  Take advantages of these dreams to appreciate being alive, it is a gift that should not be wasted.

Losing Your Way

Being lost in unfamiliar areas is a very common theme in dreams. Our dreams never exactly replicate what reality is, so even familiar places seem unfamiliar. It is only when dreamers take notice of being lost that it becomes an anxiety filled experience for many people.

It may mean your brain is trying to deal with something that is new in life like a job, person or home. Our feelings of unease about new situations in life manifest in our dreams into a literal translation of anxiety from literally getting lost. Approaching something new and unfamiliar where wrong turns and confusion are bound to happen, but letting go of the anxiety of being lost can turn a nightmare into a grand adventure.

losing your way

 Losing Track of Time

How could you be late to such an important event: like work, a wedding or catching a plane. It is so unlike you in real life. When you wake up you soon realize that is because it is just the dream you acting irresponsibly. Luckily the dream you does not actually have to deal with the repercussions of being late. Waking, relief soon sweeps over you then you go about your morning routing, soon forgetting the dream.

Being tardy, late or missing an event all together fills us with tension in the dream. It usually means that you aren’t quite reaching a goal that is important to you in life. It could mean you aren’t reaching any goals you set for yourself at all, which is a more common situation than any of us would like to admit.

losing time

Losing Control of a Vehicle

The steering wheel doesn’t work, the brakes fail, a window breaks and you’ve lost control of the vehicle and filled with tension wait for the inevitable crash to happen. Your heart races as you prepare for your inevitable doom or you let go, knowing this is just a dream.

Either way, these dreams of a vehicle not working all of a sudden are common once people reach driving age. It usually indicates a person is nervous about the amount of control they have of their life, and they feel they aren’t making consistent progress to their goals.  Or the dreamer may actually have anxiety about getting in car wreck.

Losing the Ability to Move and/or Speak

You can’t move. You can’t speak. You are unable to act to fix a situation. It is terrifying when one cannot act to fix a problem, flee or to communicate in any way.

Having dreams where you can’t physically move or speak usually means the dreamer feels like something is holding them back, whether it be themselves, a boss, a significant other or whatever else. A situation has occurred where you literally feel stuck, and now even worse, you are stuck in the dream world as well.

Losing Your Clothes

This type of dream has been documented in so many outlets of pop culture, we know we aren’t alone when it comes to this dream. You find yourself naked as the day you were born in front of bunch of people in public.

Most of us don’t take this opportunity to flaunt our stuff, but instead are filled with anxiety and embarrassment. The dream usually indicates we feel vulnerable and/or exposed in our life somehow.

Losing the Ground

You find yourself high up on a tree, a building, a plane or anywhere you normally would not fall off of. Then you fall off, and you really feel like you are falling. It is really weird to feel such a strong sensation that is the way we imagine it to be in real life.

These types of dreams usually means you are gripping on entirely too tightly to a standard, a situation, a person or something else in life. You need to relax, let go and move on if necessary to get past of this anxiety of losing control. It can also mean that you are moving rapidly the wrong direction in some aspect of your life.


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