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Published on May 14th, 2017 | by Tom Firehill


Being there for your loved ones

The sorrow of parting is never easy. Be it close family, a friend or a beloved pet, it’s never easy. The hardest thing is not having the closest people in your life when you need them most. This is an unfortunate circumstance of many people growing up that some people will never understand fully. The girl whose parents divorced when young , the boy who lost his mother to cancer, the teen whose best friend died suddenly, the man who’s dog and best friend passed away.


Anger.Confusion.Pain. Depression.Hate.Loneliness.Worry.


Why did this happen to me?


These emotions are just the tip of the iceberg they are feeling. But don’t pity them at all. What’s important is to understand what’s going through their head and be there for them in their darkest times. You’ll often find the strongest people out there are actually putting a façade of happiness and laughter for the sake of their loved ones even though they are feeling all those emotions more than anyone.


Happy. Safe. Loved.


And that’s how everyone should feel no matter what their circumstance is.

It’s really simple for you to help anyone you love.


Listen to them

It doesn’t take anything to let them get everything off their chest to you. Just hearing them out will make them feel a million times better and that the fact you spent time hearing their woes is more than enough for them. Share your personal experiences of what you felt similar to what they are describing to you but never ever tell them oh you should do this you should that if you haven’t experienced what they are going through. They don’t deserve that.

Getting it off his chest

Be there

As simple as it sounds. It really is that simple. Throw yourself out there and give them the comfort and knowledge that you are there for them. Invite them to all your social gatherings. Arrange their favourite hobbies with them and keep doing it as much as you both can. As little as going to the pub and making him laugh. As much as going to her favourite restaurant. Offer to do some errands for them if you go to their place and find it’s a complete mess. Pick up that hoover for them. Go buy them some healthy food and cook for them. Find time for them, you’re not busy 24/7 if you really love them. Just seeing them happy means everything.

It's only forever, not long at all



















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