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8 Things you love that are good for you!

Sometimes it feels like everything we enjoy doing is bad for us. It will give us cancer, diabetes, heart disease, depression or even kill us. Ultimately it is best to approach anything with a bit of moderation, so even things we recommend as healthy here keep in mind indulging in them everyday probably is not the best thing for you. The following are good things to indulge in that actually are not harmful at all, but can improve upon our health with taken with care. Remember some of those bad for you things are what makes life worth living, and the truth is even vegans die in the ends.


1. Eggs

Doctors and blogs have been beating an endless drum that consumption of eggs is linked to heart disease. Maybe! Although a single yolk contains your daily recommended cholesterol, eggs also are rich in protein and contain zinc, iron, choline and vitamins D & A. There are numerous studies associating eggs with heart disease, but a recent 2011 study from the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition debunked the egg myth.


In addition to be heart safe, eggs have this magical way of being filling, so you don’t end up going back for snacks soon after. Incorporating eggs moderately into your diet through hard-boiling is a heart safe way to consume eggs eliminating extra grease, butter, cheese, hot sauce and everything delicious.


2. Red Meat

Bad for your heart, the waistline and the environment, but red meat tastes so good. The trick to still enjoying our red meat habit is going for leaner cuts that have less fat and more proteins. Leaner cuts include sirloin tip, top round, eye of round roast, and top sirloin. It takes your system time and energy to digest the proteins in red meat, so it burns more calories digesting than digesting fats. In addition, red meat contains CLA, concentrations of conjugated linoleic acid, which disrupts enzymes that store fat in your body.


Remember having a green light to eat red meat doesn’t mean you should go eat a porterhouse right now! Take protein in moderation accompanied with veggies and carbs to create a balanced meal. Try to eat red meat earlier in the day, so that your body has plenty of time to digest it before bed. Combining number one and two on our list, although delicious, probably isn’t the best idea for your health.


3. Sex

As long as it is protected, sex is great for your health. It reduces stress, boosts immunity, burns calories, improves heart health, boosts self-esteem and improves sleep. Ejaculating is also linked to lowering your chances of prostate cancer. Next time you are trying to get it on, remind your partner that your health is at stake here!


3. Television

Okay, so there are lots of studies saying that television causes the body lots of problems. One study from the American Medical Association say each additional two hours spent watching television increases your chances of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Being selective with the amount of time you spend in front of the television is wise, but certain programs can actually benefit you.


Watching sports is one form of watching television that is great for your brain. Sports fan increase their link between motor skills and language processing through something brain scientists called “embodied cognition”. The part of your brain called the left dorsal premotor cortex increases when you watch sports. Next time you feel like staying in and watching the game, remind your wife, girlfriend, grandma or whoever you are exercising your brain.


4. Video Games

You mom may have been yelling for you to stop playing games and go outside, but this scold may have been slightly misguided. One surprising way video games are good for us is that it helps improve eye health. A study from the Development Lab of Ontario’s McMaster University found that patients with cataracts and other eye problems eye health improved with playing visually stunning games like Call of Duty.


The next health benefit of video games may not surprise gamers, but video games can help manage stress and depression. Video games work almost like meditation allowing us to get to a state of relative mindlessness, ignoring the troubles of our days. They also let us take aggression against adversaries in the video game world instead of in the real world too.


5. Fishing

Some of the habits like smoking and guzzling beers that accompanies many fishing trips aren’t exactly healthy, but just fishing alone is actually great for you. Think of all the tapes that use the sound of water to soothe and relax people. You get up close and personal to this sound when you go to fish in your favorite fishing holes.


Fishing is also extremely good for reducing stress. Stress is one of the greatest threats to our health. Think of the picture of a president before and after his terms, you really can see what stress can do to the body by comparing those images. We have a feeling if presidents could go on more fishing trips that they would look a lot better after their term.


6. Saturated Fat

The whole “fat is terrible for you, take it out of your diet now or die early, fat and alone” craze is starting to subside. The fact is that our body uses fats to give us energy, so all of those low-fat diet trends are self defeating. How can you lose weight if you do not have energy to exercise?

Anyways, saturated fat might actually lower your risk of stroke and type 2 diabetes. Saturated fat does still raise the bad, LDL cholesterol, but it also raises the good HDL cholesterol that helps lowers triglycerides. This results in saturated fats having about the same effect on heart disease as carbs.

So start enjoying your cheese, meat and whole milk again guilt free! Remember that most dieting trends that approach food in a manner that doesn’t encourage moderation of everything are usually just a fad that will give away once the new fad comes in.


7. Olive Oil

Another fatty and lovely food that has been ripped from our grips by health nuts actually turns out to be good for you again! Olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAS), which are actually considered a healthy fat to have in your diet. MUFAs help lower your risk of heart disease by preventing related risk factors. Some research shows that MUFAs normalize blood clotting, benefit insulin level and blood sugar controls.


Enjoy the lovely flavors of olive oil on top of hummus, dipped in bread, in your favorite sauces and in all recipes that call for it. One delicious way to have olive oil is briefly heating the olive oil with peppercorns, red pepper flakes and pressed garlic to create a delicious sauce to dip pita or fresh bread in.


8. Getting Dirty

Ever wondered why it feels so good to get dirty? It turns out there are a lot of reasons that our bodies love dirt. Dirt builds up our immune systems when we are younger, explaining why children are always putting dirty things in their mouth. It is good for you brain due to fact is contains Mycobacterium vaccine which enhances learning and brightens moods by raising our serotonin levels. Being exposed to dirt helps our bodies deal with allergies and asthma.


Now I know not everyone wants to go out and mud wrestle (although this is a good excuse to do so), but there are some practical ways to get dirty. You can start a garden outside of your house to improve your environment and your health. Go hiking on a rugged trail where you are bound to get some dirt on you. Swimming in muddy lakes is a great way to get exposed to dirt.

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