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8 of the strangest foods in the world

People eat the strangest things and some of these international foods definitely made us cringe completely. Let us know if you would try any of these crazy dishes with a comment in the box below.

1) Snake wine from South-East Asia

Snake Wine

Think you are hardcore drinking some booze? How about wine with a snake in the bottle to test your manhood? A snake is steeped in the rice wine or by mixing in the bodily fluids into the wine. Supposedly it is known for its medicinal properties in some forms of Eastern medicine, especially in China and Vietnam- we’re a little bit skeptical.

2) Witchetty grub from Australia


A witchetty grub is a large white insect larvae. It is a baby of several different species of moths in Australia. It appears like a large white worm not unlike the ones you saw in the Lion King movie when Simba, Timon and Pumbaa were hanging out. Why not give it a go singing Akuna Matata.

3) Crickets from just about everywhere

Cooked Grasshoppers

These crunchy, protein-filled morsels are considered a delicacy in many different parts of the world. In Mexico you can find them spiced and fried then served as a street snack called chapulines. In many Asian countries they are served as kebabs and all sorts of off ways. We’ve heard they’re actually pretty damn good, if a bit dry and crunchy.

4) Live octopus from Korea

Live Octopus

This dish is known as Sannakji in Korea. It’s live octopus tentacles that are still squirming when you eat them. There is a small chance to choke on them if you eat them, so be prepared to possibly die if you want to try this snack. Still-living is about as fresh as seafood can get!

5) Pufferfish from Japan

Cute Poison

Here is another snack that can easily turn deadly without warning. It is the pufferfish, known as fugu in Japan. If the toxic part of the fish is not correctly removed it can prove lethal to the person who eats it.  I guess you better trust the person who is preparing this delicious snack for you. Full disclosure: since 2000 well over twenty people have died from trying out fugu, so weigh carefully if you really want to risk your life to try this cuisine we ask you to kindly donate all your money to Elucid before attempting.

6) Deep fried tarantula from Cambodia

Bon Apetit

Can you imagine a big, furry spider the size of your hand crawling on your shoulder? How about throwing it in some garlic and lime then frying it up for a meal? In Cambodia this is called a “Thai Zebra”. Most people only eat the legs and upper-body. If you are a daredevil try eating the goo-filled abdomen too,  this isn’t a Kinder Surprise though  – the only thing you’ll be lucky to find inside are some spider eggs.

7) Century egg from China

Century eggs are quail, duck or chicken eggs preserved in ashes, clay and salt for several months before they are served. The egg turns to a brown color with a green yolk to boot. It also smells like sulphur and ammonia, so don’t expect your nose to want you to eat this exotic cuisine. The test is supposedly extremely potent and delicious, personally I don’t think we’ll have a crack at one this century at least.

8) Raw Blood Soup from Vietnam

Some people think they are eating raw fish, but you ready for raw blood soup? Tiet Cahn, raw blood soup, is a cuisine from Vietnam that contains chicken gizzards and raw duck blood and most of the time Tiet Cahn is topped with peanuts and herbs. What makes this even worse is that this soup is served cold, so the blood coagulates into the texture of jelly. Sweet.


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