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5 Top Secret Tropical Destinations for Summer 2013

Paradise is in the eye of the beholder. There are tropical destinations are all over the world if you know where to look that offer many combinations of adventures. If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone of the standards beach vacation, these tropical paradises all have something unique to offer.

Ocean Dome Japan

Ocean Dome in Kyushu Japan

1. The Ocean Dome

Imagine a beach with the perfect 30 degree Celsius air temperature and water around 28 degrees. There is never any bad weather to rain out your vacation, and the beach is always covered with beautiful Japanese women.

The Ocean Dome is man-made beach located in Japan that is little known by international travellers   Big enough to house six football fields, it can accommodate up to 10,000 tourists. A volcano goes off every 15 minutes, spewing fire with cheesy mechanicals birds chirping in the background. Perfect waves lash the beach for boogie boarding and even surfing.

You won’t be bothered by bugs, vendors, sun burn, beach riff-raff  sharks, jelly fish or any of the other downside to beaches. The funny thing is that there is an actual beach 300 meters away if you want to experience the real thing after visiting the Ocean Dome.



Take a ride in a speedboat in a Carriacou Bay

2. Carriacou

Imagine a tropical island breeding with Dutch style making a brand new hybrid. This Caribbean Island is owned by Holland, and you can definitely see the influence in the architecture. The capital Willemstad features tropical colored Dutch style building that makes for a very unique look. You get all the beauty of Dutch architecture without the unpleasant weather.

The island is made up of large hills covered in tropical flora, fauna and brightly coloured tropical housing. The hills gracefully roll into the immaculate sand beaches. The island has a long-history of boat making, and the water is often scattered with beautiful, hand-crafted boats. It is not unusual to see a boat in the process of being made with the unmistakable wood frame we all can identify.

Carriacou does appeal to a special kind of tourist, to a tourist that expects an island actually to be an island-like. There are no extra touristy food places, destination or anything like that. If you are really focused on water sports like boating, snorkelling  fish and swimming, this is a perfect destination that doesn’t try to distract from that with frivolous touristy junk. The island is just a completely natural, laid-back setting with wonderful locals and travellers to chat it up with (or something more if you are looking and lucky).



Exquisite views from the Saba mountainside hotels

3. Saba

Mountain climbing, rain forest hikes and stunning mountain views. If you want to adventure beyond the beach on your tropical destination the “unspoiled queen of the Caribbean” is a great place to start. The mountains also extend under-water that make for some of the best scuba-diving in the world.  The mountain scene is really definitive of this destination, and as your approach it you’ll see why as you witness the island explode upward into the sky.

On shore you can find French cuisine, Caribbean fair and very fresh seafood. This tiny island is surprising for offering great food. Filled with knick-knack shops and local art, look-out for the infamous brightly colored paintings and tropical flower arrangements of the el Momo Folk Art store has to offer.

When you visit you’ll find since Saba is newer to the tourism scene, so local folks still are quite amiable to tourists. You get the feeling they aren’t as jaded as on some of the more popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean.



Quiet and peaceful beaches all to yourself on Dunk Island

4. Dunk Island

Off the coast of Australia, Dunk Island is the only island golf-course the country has to offer. The 9-hole golf course is located right in the dense rainforest of the island, and you navigate through the tropical plant paradise on the boardwalks. It uses the topography and the natural water sources of the island to create a one of a kind course.

The golf course is located in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, so it is held to high standards to keep it environmentally friendly. Even the grass of the course is imported especially for the enviro-friendly standards.

Beyond golf, there is a lot of stuff to do on the island. The original name of the island was the Island of Peace and Plenty, and it lives up to that standard. With scuba diving, snorkelling  kayaking, horseback riding and hiking there is no shortage of activities. A must do is hiking up Mount Kootaloo to get a view of the neighbouring islands and mainland. Are only complaint about the island is the gender make up  due to the main attraction being golf, there are a lot more dudes than females usually.



The Maldives is textbook tropical paradise

5. Maldives

A chain of one hundred and ninety islands, 87 resort islands with a strong sea-faring tradition.  During the 2004 tsunami these islands were completely washed away, devastating locals. Since then the government built flood barrier to avoid as huge of an impact with future tsunamis, but the island definitely is still recovering from 2004. By visiting you are helping these nations scattered over 26 coral rings emerging tropical gems from the sea get back on their feet again. You don’t have to do anything scary or dangerous by visiting, it is still a tropical paradise. If you didn’t know about the tsunami, you couldn’t tell it ever happened.

We are especially recommend staying at their over-water resorts that rest on stilts above the water, one of the most noteworthy over-water resorts is located on the North Male Atoll in the Maldives. It is a mix of luxury with the natural, and it is an experience you will never forget.

My favourite thing about this island is the beautiful local women. Made up from African, Arab and South Asian roots they have some of the most unusual and stunning look. The bikini-wearing tourists, of course, aren’t bad either.

One downside to the island is that alcohol is outlawed for the most part, but you can still get booze on the resorts without a problem. It just translates into their being little or no night-life scene off the resorts which can be a deal breaker for some travellers.

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