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5 things to make the most out of your summer

There’s so much to do every summer but most of us tend to the same thing everytime and then complain how boring it was when the leaves start to fall off trees and the cold returns. Even if you do one of these simple 5 things, you can look back and say I did something different with my time, when it’s time to rock that Peacoat and Leather jacket again.

1) Spend time with your loved ones


There’s nothing better than spending time with your partner, family and friends. The memories you make with them will last forever and make you smile when you’re feeling a bit blue.

2)Practice drawing 

Stilzin and Hcloud

It’s as easy as finding a piece of paper, picking up any pencil and letting your imagination unfold!

3)Be a tourist in your own town


Try going somewhere you haven’t been before you might just end up find a hidden gem you never knew about!

4)Travel somewhere new


Take a map. Close your eyes. Put your finger on anywhere randomly. Unless it’s the middle of the ocean and even then if you’re lucky to have a yacht go explore!

5)Become a better person

po and shifu

Once, an arrogant peacock approached a wise shitzu who was training a young panda in martial arts. The peacock shouted at him: “You’re an old fool! You got no skill left at all! I could bring you to the ground with one strike!” The old teacher continued with his lesson, and the warrior left with nothing. The panda looked at the shitzu and said: “Master, why did you tolerate his insults? You should have whooped him in a fight!” The shitzu calmly replied : “If someone brings you a gift and you don’t take it to whom does it belong? To the one who offered it. It’s the same with envy and insults, if you refuse to accept them, they belong to the one who offered them. The panda paused in awe and then asked “What about noodles?”  The shitzu replied “Noodles are a different story my friend ” and laughed to himself.

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