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5 Reasons I Hate Idaho

Recently our site got a lot of flack on the 5 Best Burgers in the United States, because I mentioned that I’m not the biggest fan of Idaho. For Idaho lovers you can go ahead and skip to our article called ‘5 Reasons I Love Idaho’. For those curious about my disdain for Idaho due to my first hand experience there through business related travel, let me tell you a couple of reasons why Idaho really sucks.

1. A Distinct Lack of Diversity

When I called Idaho a cultural desert, I was not kidding. Idaho ranks the 46th lowest when it comes to diversity in all 50 states. The lack of diversity can cause a couple of problems for visitors, especially if you happen not to be white like the other 89.1% of people in the state.

One problem is that there are just less interesting cultural aspects to explore on a vacation. Communities of all different stripes are part of what makes visiting a place fun for many travelers. This is just simply a facet of tourism that Idaho can’t offer, and if you are searching for any cuisine beyond burgers and potatoes, good luck. There are some exceptions to the lack of diversity, for example, the largest population of Basque outside of Basque live in Idaho. Also, there is a large Mormon population if you want to explore that dynamic of neo-Puritanism in America.

The other problem is that you can run into bigotry. Racism is a huge problem in rural America, and if Idaho is one thing it is definitely sparsely populated. Not every person you run into is going to be a racist in Idaho, but don’t be too surprised if you experience racism in some form. Even those who are friendly may drop “so where are you from” line, and when you say Maryland, they will not be satisfied. In most cases they’ll just be too scared to talk to you, and pray to the Lord you don’t mug them.

2.  Lack of Food Options

Only around 200,000 people live in the biggest city in Idaho. There is strength in numbers when it comes to having a food scene, and Idaho is just lacking the amount of people needed to create a variety of dining options. As mentioned above they are also lacking the cultural diversity to offer good options in most cuisines.

If you’ve ever eaten at a rural Indian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Columbian restaurant, you know that what is offered ranges from acceptable to awful. When there is a lack of competition in the certain cuisines it doesn’t foster restaurants to perform better. Also, it is a lot harder to get certain ingredients in areas where there isn’t high demand for them. Often restaurants in these areas will skip on the specialized ingredient, and there inexperienced customers usually won’t be able to tell the difference anyways.

3. I Don’t Want to Get Eaten

Listen, Idaho has absolutely beautiful parks that’ll knock your socks off, and it definitely makes me proud to live in a country that holds so much beauty. There is one big drawback to the outdoor life in Idaho, there is a chance you might get eaten. One of my few goals in life is to not get eaten, maimed or trampled, so this little tidbit of information scared me while exploring the parks.

Due to the large expanse of unpopulated land in Idaho, there is also is a large population of large animals. Most of the times these animals will stay away from you, but deadly encounters with things like bears and moose are not unheard of in the back country. Just make sure to stay on well-travelled areas unless you are accompanied by an experienced guide.

4. Not a Good Track Record on Womens Rights

I don’t limit everywhere I travel due to the poor decisions politicians make, but when your politicians are radically conservative as Idaho it is hard to ignore. There are many other states that support equal rights for everyone, and I feel more inclined to visit those states. Idaho severely limits the rights of its women, and as a gentleman I cannot abide by such behavior. It seems terribly ironic for a state of self-proclaimed libertarians to believe in government interference in a women’s choice. I’ll put up the things these senators voted on to let you decide, courtesy of

How Senator Crapo (no I didn’t make up that last name) voted

  • Voted YES on prohibiting minors crossing state lines for abortion
  • Voted YES on barring HHS grants to organizations that perform abortions
  • Voted NO on $100M to reduce teen pregnancy through education and contraceptives
  • Voted YES on maintaining ban on Military Base Abortions.

How Senator Risch voted

  • Voted YES on restricting UN funding for population control policies.
  • Prohibit federal funding for abortion.
  • No family planning assistance that includes abortion.
  • Voted No Against Violence Against Women Act (Twice)

5.  Not Even a Gem

A lot of people groan and moan about the NFL team the Redskin’s name, but not many know about the offensive origin of Idaho’s name. A lobbyist in 1860 completely made up the name ‘Idaho’, because he later would admit thought it “sounded good”. At the time he told Congress it was a Native American word that meant “Gem of the Mountains”. Despite having full knowledge of this story the state has done nothing to try to change it or even change the “Gem of the Mountains’ state motto.

A Native American affectation of supporting the culture of Native Americans out West, you wouldn’t say? If you want get doubly offended go visit the Native American reservations in Idaho, and then you can be equally disgusted with the United States as a whole for past continental genocide followed up by completely ignoring that history ever happened.


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  1. Tiffany says:

    I happen to come across this article after last night’s episode of Catfish. I lived in Boise for 3 years and I abruptly left last year once I got done with school. I grew to hate that place with a passion and everyone in it the dynamic is very different from the rest of the country. Respect is a non existent entity in that place, therefore I always had problems with someone while I was there (I’m from Florida). I would like to add a few things to your list and elaborate on what you listed:

    The Food
    You. Are. Not. Kidding. The food choices are very poor. Grant it, some days of the month I want a good bigger and there is no shortage of that. But I went to a Chinese place and asked for duck sauce, the server looked at me like I was from another planet and the person I was with said “ok, what’s duck sauce?”

    Boise is diverse to a point where I was asking “ok, where did all these people come from and how did they skip over new York City and land in idaho?” Boise has a huge Bosnian population. As well as Mexican. So large that if you drive down Fairview, you see car lots that have signs saying you don’t have to be a citizen to get financed for a car.

    Sexual lifestyle
    Ok so, I was born and raised in Philadelphia, but spent most of my years in Florida. I also spent a lot of time in queens, new York which has a pretty sizable gay community and transgendered so sexual freedom is nothing new to me. However, I had no idea what swinging was or polyamourous relationships was until I moved to idaho. I never met so many people that were married that had no problems with sleeping with other people and most times unprotected. I’ve been approached by married men before, but I had no clue they were married. In Idaho my experience was totally different. Men openly told me they were married, and in the same sentence said “but we have an open marriage, my wife won’t care”. Just the blatant lack of respect for their spouse was so prevalent, it made me sick to my stomach. If you don’t have respect for the person you married, I won’t be any different. Please leave me alone.

    Idaho is currently trying to pass a similar bill Arizona tried to pass and failed. The bill where you can deny service to someone based on religion beliefs. Basically, a person can discriminate against you by passing false judgment and deny you service. Sadly, a lot of idahoan are supportive of such measure because it “coincides” with the constitution. On top of that, another bill is also being vetted on making faith healing deaths non punishable. A heavily religious family can deny their children medical care if it violates their religion and if that child dies due to this practice, they won’t be prosecuted. That’s just a hall pass for parents that abuse their children. They can beat their kid to death and say it’s part of their faith. They won’t be held accountable for that child’s death.

    I never had a problem with this as a black women. In fact, I had more white men approach me than black men. But it came across to me like it was a dirty little secret no one talks about. I remember going to get some food and the owner, who was white, would walk behind the counter and physically hand me my food, ask how my day was and give me a hug. The woman behind me who was also white said “I come in here everyday for lunch and he doesn’t even know my name”.

    End of the day, I would and will never go back to idaho. I’m a respect driven woman and respect is something that isn’t taught in that region. You find back stabbers wherever you go. But idaho is way different. No one actually owns up to their mistakes. My ex up there treated me so bad and he never once apologized and his mother jumped on his bandwagon and they both made me look like I was the bad guy, just like Blake experienced with Kendra last night on Catfish. She came at him like he was the one that did something wrong to her, when she lied their entire relationship to that man. I know what that feels like. Instead of vacationing in idaho, spend a couple more dollars and go to Vegas instead.

  2. Don says:

    I would like to add a few things after living in Idaho since 1999.

    1) A corrupt government system

    The state of Idaho has one of the most non-transparent, corrupt government systems I’ve experienced. I have lived in progressive states like Texas, NY and about 10 others, and there is no comparison. The key factor that drives the government is money and how to get more of it. Anything that respects civil or consumer rights to people in Idaho is completely ignored.

    2) Close-mindedness

    A lot of the people in Idaho aren’t real keen to hearing new ideas. They like their small town mentality and want to keep it that way. I found that very suffocating and lacking forward momentum.

    3) Lack of different cultures/music

    I am originally from a state with a wide spectrum of diversity, and Idaho is extremely lacking in this arena. Even the festivals that are held in the state lack any type of special skills or musical spice. It is strictly “plain vanilla” in terms of any type of cultural diversity.

  3. Idaho Hater says:

    To any Idahoans reading this: I don’t really want your citizenship taken away from you, after all U.S. Citizens have to look after other U.S. Citizens. However, I still want Idaho given back to the Native Americans, because it sucks ass, as do people from Idaho. Bitches.

  4. Idaho Hater says:

    I got to this webpage by googling “hate Idaho”. Another webpage that comes up(the top one, just above this page) proposes giving Idaho back to the British. I propose that we give Idaho back to the Native Americans(I’m kind of stupid, because I lived a lot of my years in Idaho, so I don’t know if I want it to go to all the “Indians” or just the ones who lived there way back when), whom we really got Idaho from. No, I’m not fucking joking. I hate that Goddamned state. It would be a much(try 1,000,000%) better place if the “Indians” had it(and they don’t even own land, but soon they will, because they’ll have Idaho). If you believe the same thing, please write that you second the motion. I formally motion that we give Idaho to Native Americans. That’s what I propose.

  5. kim says:

    I just moved to Boise about 6 mos. ago and I hate it too. Northern Idaho is so beautiful, but you better make sure you are wearing a bullet proof vest if you go hiking. I was told that Boise was “liberal” before I moved here. I should have know that meant “not totally conservative” to the people here. I don’t think people who are from here have any real idea what a liberal is except just another thing you should shoot. Don’t ask me how I got stuck here, but if I don’t see an actual wild animal soon, or even some songbirds, I’m gonna lose it and become one of those people we all know about who live here in Idaho. Also, could you design a more ugly license plate? White bread anyone?

  6. XYZ says:

    You only touched the surface.
    No respect is an understatement….and racism is pretty real and universal here (although hidden because these people really haven’t got the guts to say out loud what they whisper to each other).
    Unless you’re an ignorant, stale piece of wonder bread who attends the “right” church – you’re not gonna get along well here – not that anybody halfway human would want to get along with this population of assholes.
    The over whelming majority of the “people” in Idaho (Boise, at least) are nothing more than spoiled, over-privileged, snotty, adolescent, jerk-offs.
    They’re as phoney as a $3 bill, completely incompetent at everything, believe sincerely that they’re the most wonderful things ever put on earth, invariably rude, totally disrespectful of others, nasty, spiteful, and fully ungrateful.
    They really are just plain despicable.
    The men are basically snotty, little sissy types – and the woman are just plain pyscho.
    There is also a distant lack of any imagination or originality here.
    Most of their businesses are owned and operated by shoddy, money grubbing cheaters – and
    their government is as backward and as full of shit as the general population.
    I’ve lived all over the place during my time in military service – and I have never seen anywhere that compares to such a horrible phony baloney town as Boise — and never so many disgusting excuses for human beings in one place in all my life.
    The only thing I’ve seen here that makes sense is a plastic piece of shit they drop from a crane on New Years Eve – they claim it’s supposed to be a potato – but it looks like a turd – and that just says it all.
    If you want to become completely anti-social and want to really learn to truly hate people – spend some time here…otherwise go anywhere else.
    I can’t wait to see the comments some of the lifer, vacant-eyed Idaho droids post to this.

    • ck says:

      You are right on. I lived here 30 years left for 5 months came back and realized these people suck. Phoney backstabbin bitche
      s. I can’t believe how brain washed I was. Hate it leaving after 3 weeks back here.

    • lala says:

      You are dead right! This place is a cesspool of all that is sucky and shitty!

    • Nathan Bell says:

      I agree. I moved to north idablo almost three years ago, and I have had enough of it. I came from California. This place is as lifeless as a corpse.

    • Curtis says:

      My experience too…you think you’re living in heaven, but you’re really living in hell.

  7. Karen Wells says:

    6. wolf murdering Butch Otter

  8. Lorenna says:

    Thank you everyone for not making me feel so alone in my distaste of this place–Boise. I used to live here, graduated from twin falls and hated it so much then, too–25 years ago. Husband just got a job here had hoped it had changed. In some ways, it is better–bicycle riding here in Boise, more alternative lifestyles seen, but that is really superficial stuff to me. Everyone wastes energy and water, idolizes the green lawn– in a desert! They call themselves liberal and progressive here. Ha! I prefer conservatives who say up front what they believe to the trendy” liberal who is all show. A severe lack of care about our resources and the environment. Or gardening or homestead movement or solar energy–hello! It is super sunny here! All about: Excess shopping, big homes, rvs, beer guzzling, driving all over with a healthy dose of Christian values and some fake granola/organic food sprinkled on top. Add a whole lot of tattoos, grungy wrinkled shorts and falling apart flip flops, yellow toe nails, painted on makeup, bleached processed blonde hair and general lack of good taste. Driving me crazy! Stuck in a time warp and severely out of touch with entire rest of world. I have lived in seven other states and liked every single one 1000% more. I think they should become their own poverty tattooed undereducated consumerist nation.

  9. Kim says:

    Thank you for writing this! My family moved to Idaho when I was 4, and I grew up just outside of Boise. I have never understood why everyone seems to think Idaho is the greatest place on Earth. Any time I complain about it people look at me like I have two heads and all I can think is, “Are you people fucking BLIND??!!” I have always hated it, for all of the reasons listed above, but also because of the crappy climate! The summers here are unbearable, and the air quality is always poor. If you suffer from asthma, steer clear of this shitty state. It is a dry, desolate wasteland–physically, socially, and politically.

  10. Zosia says:

    I have lived Boise for two years. One thing that I have learned…. If you want to be “liberal” and super cool you simply MUST live in the NORTH END. If you live in the NORTH END, you make sure everyone in the room, especially people who don’t live in the NORTH END, know that you live in the NORTH END. Some people would rather live in a cardboard box than leave the north end. All of the hippee wannabees, and American Spirit smoking hipsters reside downtown or in the north end. I get who people want to live there because it is the nicest part of town, but you humanity is not elevated due to a geographical decision. I have been in conversations with north end hipsters and it is hard for them to hide their disdain for the fact that I live in a different part of town. I also heard another hipster saying…. If I couldn’t live in the north end I just couldn’t live in Boise.
    Let’s talk about music… I haven’t been out that much here but I haven’t been fond of the bands. The have an incestuous mutual gratification society where if you don’t like a band or musician you grossly unappreciative of their overflowing talent. I met guy at a party after I had only been there a year and was asking about what instrument he played and if he was in a band… he told me their name and I said I would have to go see the some time. Out of morbid curiosity I went online to listen to the band…..In the 10 cds they had put out,… every song sounded almost exactly the same… I felt my intelligence was insulted…. But the arrogance… One of his friend also had music on youtube…structurally better but still vacant. Then, there is the talentless eye sore of Rocky Johnson… a self proclaimed diva who sounds like a white trash treasure singing karaoke in a bar with 10 people. Her husband bought her a bar so she could play rock star…. this is where I get to the mutual admiration society… I was talking to a north ender and expressed my disdain for Rocky Johnson… you would have though I use Bob Dylan’s name in vail!!! Well…. she is a great philanthropist and blah blah blah… so I backpedaled and wish I would have said… well… ya know she could be a philanthropist without barfing fucked up karaoke with a live band. I think she is 60 or 70 strutting her stuff in a boustiay

    • Zosia says:

      So.. I was spell checking bustier and hit the enter button…I was hoped to edit my post so please be kinda about spelling and grammar mistakes…. I live in Boise, but I am well aware of the conventions of grammar. Anyway… Rocky (or Rocci.. don’t know sp?) Johnson is just vile.
      There is a total hipster vibe to all of the music here and no one will say it sucks. If one hipster likes it you can be assured that the will all say the like it whether the do or don’t… It is kind of a competition for who can have the most diverse taste and like the least known bands in the known universe……. when I saw a post for Mr. gnome (band from the midwest? don’t care) on the Boise Music Lovers facebook page I was insulted… what a terrible band posing as artist… oh yes and their songs have disturbing “video arts” to accompany this auditory assault. This is a slice of the Boise “music” scene. I think it would be fun to be a music critic here, but I wouldn’t want a mob of weeping hipsters telling me how mean I am…

  11. Brandyn says:

    After reading this I can only think people who reply on here think Idaho sucks because of its lack of cities, the lack convenience of being able to get anything you want when you want it, and the sheer vastness of nothing. But what these people lack is a respect of the outdoors and the respect that nature should be given. Idaho is full of beautiful rivers and streams, mountains, canyons, and wilderness but it isn’t necessarily what Idaho has that makes it great, but what it doesn’t have… we don’t have big shopping malls, millions of people, and we don’t have straight roads to take you from point a to b without enjoying the drive. People who live in Idaho choose a lifestyle that isn’t so much about having material items, but enjoying your life by getting out and appreciating the beautiful scenery our state has to offer. I’m originally from Ohio but I’ve been to 39 states and 13 countries… Idaho is certainly high on the list for its beauty, but also for the active lifestyle it can provide for an outdoors person. Idaho certainly isn’t for everyone and if you don’t like it “to each his own” but if it’s not for you no need to put it down. We border 6 states and 1 country so if you don’t like it GTFO 😀

    • Jason says:

      Thank you!!

    • NativeMT says:

      Oh yeah, beautiful scenery. We got that that in MT too son only we have a lot more of it. Doesn’t mean there aren’t problems. Scenery only goes so far and Idaho is tiny and it doesn’t have any real cowboys. So yeah, Idaho stinks.

    • GG says:

      The scenery doesn’t make up for the shitty people

      • J says:

        Very well put. I think it is the lack of culture that creates the shitty people too…and maybe being Mormon…and living in a barren wasteland…and beet fart factories…Idaho just sucks

  12. Done W Idaho says:

    Oh Brandyn- So wrong. Idaho has so many more problems than just Racism, corrupt government, lack of diversity, low pay rates, rudeness, hypocrites (go to church at the same time they try and lie and mess over people for a dollar) and especially the HORRIBLE education system. Too many people turn a blind eye to the horrible job OTTER has done. He has only sold the state to corporations for cheap labor and low taxes. However, the middle class and poor continually get a tax hike in the form of LEVIES needed to keep schools, police, fire and local governments running because OTTER and his cronies refuse to tax the rich (in fact he lowered their taxes AGAIN in 2016) at the same time three major school districts asked for more LEVIES. Do a little research on your healthy great outdoors as well. Idaho water is ranked horrible (high pollutants) and the air quality consistently gets a D or F grade due to high levels of ground OZONE which is caused by pollutants and essentially gives your lungs a sunburn over time. The state got an F for how they distribute school funds as well (corrupt). The right wing establishment continues to go nuts and passed a law allowing any nut job around to carry a concealed weapon without a permit (JUST NUTS).. the place continuously has people shooting or stabbing each other pretty much every nigh on the news. I agree if you just want to go ride a bike or hike or camp (great) but the rest of life is horrible here and continues to go downhill with wackos they put in office here (Old Racist White Guy Club). I have also lived in other states and we will be moving out after only 2 years. So, if you are someone thinking of coming here, PLEASE DO THOROUGH RESEARCH….(unless you like Racist, burgers, and poor education).

  13. Matt A says:

    Funny a guy from MT down talking Idaho. Idaho blows. MT is a lot better scenery but that is it. MT has way less people and they are all really weird. Idaho is up there in bad states (lived in Idaho my entire life in Twin Falls and Boise) but MT?? Haha. Makes sense when people from Oregon and Washington laugh at us. Which I have been planning my Idaho exit since I was 5 (20 now) And this year has really sealed it. The amount of trump lovers in Idaho is just embarrassing. This state does have a bunch of assholes but every state does. Idaho has some nice people too. And an interesting thing that doesn’t mean anything but Ty Cobb lived in Twin Falls for a while after retiring because he loved the outdoors style of living and actually started the Coca Cola operation there. Still in the family. Idaho doesn’t deserve many chances but you can’t judge everybody here based off of 3 people and the government or else you are being one of the people you hate so much. Just sayin. Can’t talk about how we judge everybody when you are judging the entire state of Idaho based off of a couple of people haha.

    • chris says:

      this article just saved one oregonian a bad move.i was thinking about where to live besides oregon and the first place i thought was idaho..maaaaybe i should rethink my position and stay home. this article has opened answered a lot of what i was afraid of especially the racism issue. coming from a diverse place like oregon i can only imagine what its like as far as people and food in a place like Idaho. I wanted to move close to the border and have a friend in fruitland which ive passed before. its a crazy place road-tripping. first you smell potatoes then onions and then cow shit and it seemed to be like that going through the entire state. i can live with that but the political and racial issues everyone has pointed out really make wanna rethink me decision. thank you for your insight to this place. if you want something new and diverse with great food oregon is pretty close haha

    • J says:

      True…you can’t judge everyone by the majority

  14. Idahoen says:

    For every person that hates idaho there are 30 more that love it here. No food choices? No culture, no music? Haha you cant just move here and find it in a day, Boise has plenty of the things u people said it doesn’t, we idahoans just know where to find it. Also its apparent most of you are kidless and just plain too sophisticated, also what the hell is duck sauce? Thats very sophisticated being duck sauce is a man made sauce and has nothing to do with duck, I mean come on this idahoen can drive 2 minutes in the fall and have a fresh wild duck dinner but your upset you cant get duck sauce? Your just a bunch of whiny ass city folks. We love the fact you hate it here, leave!

    • PROUD Idahoan :) says:


    • Heather Trombley J Trombley says:

      I moved here 8 months ago and I can’t stand it.I wasn’t trying to escape a big city but came because of BSU. My husband and I are actually talking to other grad schools now hoping to go anywhere else. I don’t find the people friendly at all. They are too fixated on my out of state license plate to bother to say a simple hello. My husband now makes a game of saying hello to people just so he can count how many times people willfully ignore him. They have this weird fixation on their state. It is Idaho! Literally the rest of the country thinks of you as a fly over state for a reason. It is beautiful but so are other states. Once you leave boise the landscape is so monotonous you will want to cry because it goes on forever. I took some great pictures and now it is definately time to go.

    • Heather Trombley J Trombley says:

      I moved here 8 months ago and I can’t stand it.I wasn’t trying to escape a big city but came because of BSU. My husband and I are actually talking to other grad schools now hoping to go anywhere else. I don’t find the people friendly at all. They are too fixated on my out of state license plate to bother to say a simple hello. My husband now makes a game of saying hello to people just so he can count how many times people willfully ignore him. They have this weird fixation on their state. It is Idaho! Literally the rest of the country thinks of you as a fly over state for a reason. It is beautiful but so are other states. Once you leave boise the landscape is so monotonous you will want to cry because it goes on forever. I took some great pictures and now it is definately time to go.

    • GG says:

      I dislike the city but I would rather live there than with these super right wing country folk who outcast people for having a different opinion.

  15. settogo says:

    you poor souls that hate Idaho are the ones full of hate.
    You can love it anywhere. People are people, they suck everywhere.
    they come in all kinds and all states.

  16. Fed up says:

    Don’t know what your complaining about..sounds like heaven to me..I grew up in the sf bay area and would welcome a lack of “diversity” the bay area English is a former language. .you want diversity?Come to the bay area where you are regularly almost run off the road by someone from India or China crossing all 5 lanes at want ethnic food?Good cause you won’t find any here..all kabob houses and Asian food/ supermarkets..Oh try going to the Dr’s here..I had to go to the different ones before I could get one I could understand..You want more diversity? send your kids to school here..they can’t celebrate American holidays like Christmas or thanksgiving at school because it might offend the Muslim and other kids from other countrys..You can’t hand out invitations to your kids birthday party because if you don’t invite the whole class someone will be left out..oh and there’s also gay day at the schools now for all the gay students to celebrate their diversity..oh but wait yes the bay area is usually 76 degrees and sunny and everyone else will tell you how you can go to the beach or the mountains in one day but what they don’t tell you is it will take you 5 hours in stop in go traffic just to get there then you have to wait in 2 hour lines to get into anything..Idaho sounds just like my cup of tea..goodbye California

    • J says:

      Just get out of a city with 150k plus population. The Asians and Indians flock to cities. Not being racist but serious. California is great outside of the large cities. Idaho sucks almost everywhere. I travel (drive) a hell of a lot all over the west coast and Idaho is by far my least favorite. Even Nevada with damn near nothing to offer is still better than Idaho. The falls are the only redeeming quality.

  17. Peaeemaker says:

    I have been here since October of last year working at HP. That contract ended in May and I have been looking for replacement job since that time. Currently I am driving UBER in downtown Boise and i do learn about what really goes on here from my rider fairs and listening to the scanner radio I like it here as it is quiet relatively speaking. I can do my programming work in Starbucks with no body bothering me.

    i am native Washingtonian and I like it there too but too many people now The californicators have moved in brought in the gangs, and CA lifestyles.

    my two cents == my two dollars, same thing

  18. steve says:

    I’ve been here all my life Idaho was a good place to live in. Then it started to go to hell you use to be able to get good food here. The good restaurants Esther went out of business do too all the Mexican restaurants coming in. What really is bad is what’s going on know the rental properties are over priced there is no place where ex military to go the poor, and disabled to go or buy the wealthy has came in and over priced the market there’s alot more to much to get into.

  19. steve says:

    Sorry phone died if I was to rate Idaho 1 being the worst 10 being the best. Idaho would be a big fat 0 decause the wealthy and the Hispanics will be the fat the poor, disabled military would be 0 they don’t care or have a heart here.

  20. Richard says:

    It’s easy to see where the true hate really lies after reading most of the above posts. Nobody is stopping you folks from staying away. In fact, things are better with you not here. There are still a few of your type of people messing up this great place; I wish they would take your advice and move to whatever piece of Shang Ri La you live in. I hope you can dwell in your own liberal/progressive/anti-white/anti-male/anti straight/anti-Christian/anti-anything that is not you-pile of trash. Go burn some garbage in the streets with Black Lives Matter while your at it.

    • PROUD Idahoan :) says:

      Yes. Yep. Yes. Completely agreed. I can’t even process the fact that non-Idahoans believe that weak government influence is a bad thing. Smh.

    • Heather Trombley J Trombley says:

      This is what I mean. This is exactly what Idaho is! Make sure you can get an Idaho license plate if you come here. I finance so I had to keep my plate. Or so they say. Once they find out you weren’t born here they shut you out and I am not from California. I have a feeling if I was it would be far worse since they seem to have a clear distain for them. Give me the east coast anyday.

  21. Russell says:

    Haha your an idiot I know a BUNCH of good places to eat. Especially hidden gems of the foreign cuisine. Also, if you want to get eaten alive, move to the south, where there are not only bugs and beasts on land, there are alligators, sharks, jellyfish, and other sea creatures just waiting to take a bite. Yes the cold sucks, but saying there is no diversity just based off a statistical percentage shows obviously your missing the forest. There are a lot of Arabs, Africans, and Europeans that live here and although lots have came as refugees, they hold an influential part of society here. There is a large Hispanic community well. I think you aren’t actually originally from here. Somethings up.

  22. Jeremy says:

    I’m a life long resident of north Idaho. 37 years. It takes a few long years to know the truth of something, especially if you have been brainwashed, and isolated. That’s what Idaho is to me.

    Now, you can’t say everyone here in Idaho is a bad person, or the state itself is bad in all respects. What I can say personally is from my own experience. If you’re not white, or stand out the at all from the small town mentality -you will never get a fair shake at anything. You work twice ad hard for everything, and all the while having to watch your back. Healthcare is bad. If the illness doesn’t kill you, the healthcare just very well may.

    I have perspective. I have travelled the country, seen all of its peoples. Honor, respect, and integrity are virtues that are not well understood in Idaho.

    There are pockets of progressive movement here and there, but its not good enough. It’s hard to get that progressive movement going in a mire so deep filled with generations of bigotry, anti semitic views, racism, and poverty. Not to mention the meth. Just look at the suicide rates in Idaho.

    So. One might ask me if I hate it here so much, why not just leave…

    I am leaving as a matter of fact.

  23. alycia says:

    I don’t love Idaho…. we moved here last summer are already thinking of moving away.. more for financial reasons than any thing… I do agree with several things the author said… But I have to say… some of the ways the commenters have expressed themselves are just as reprehensible as the accusations they’ve made about Idaho and it’s inhabitants.

  24. robert c says:

    So Idaho is bad because there’s not enough non-whites and they don’t like when people murder their kids? Real insightful. I’m not from Idaho but this article made me want to move there if it repels people like you. Idaho bound!

  25. Francy Marcotte says:

    I was born and raised in Boise, ID. I traveled to over 20 countries alone, and I like to think I am currently answering only questions about me and my expenses.

  26. Fuckidaho says:

    I had to move up here when my husband’s company relocated and I couldn’t be more unhappy here. The people are all obese idiot ignorant hillbillies. This place is a wasteland full of fatasses and bigots.

  27. LondonBarcelona says:

    I just returned from Boise, ID last week. Unfortunately it was very cold when I was there. However, I am from the south, so anything less than 50 degrees is chilly to me. It seemed like typical autumn weather to me. What worries me is the extreme cold AND an inversion (which would be murder on anyone’s lungs, much less those with asthma.) and the extreme heat in the summer (which is typical given it’s the high desert.) I live there every once in a while as I refuse to move full time as, I am not a good fit.

    IT. IS. SMALL. A person could drive through and around Boise in a few hours. That said, it’s cute. It’s got the stereotypical metal raised sidings and raised rock on the outside of many newer buildings (retail, restaurant) and the areas varied greatly in looks & level of care, depending on where you were in ‘Boise.’ This is a PERFECT city for a religious, conservative or an extrovert, as not too many people are willing to start a conversation with you. It’s the oddest place I’ve ever lived.

    I did also drive through Eagle and Meridian. I will not elaborate on those areas as I did not actually live there. Eagle is gorgeous, but too conservative. Friendly to a point, but not very welcoming to women who have half a brain. The housing in Eagle is very nice, and the town itself was very cute and resembled Boise. Meridian, similar in it’s attitude, but far less quirky. Think “Franchise” when you think of Meridian.

    I was told by nearly every true Independent or Democrat (at least those not afraid of losing their jobs) that Meridian was either Mormon or Born Again. Anyone else would just feel out of place there. I also feel that way.

    To give a little bit of a frame of reference. I am originally a mid-westerner. I am a veteran, mid 30’s, a Democrat (though more of a centrist or moderate Dem) who is not against abortion, but feel strongly that if a MAN is going to dictate that a woman can’t have an abortion, then at least make the pill AND the morning after pill available over the counter. And make it CHEAP. But that would make sense, and that is something many old fashioned thinking people lack. The Boise area, would NOT favor a woman’s right to choose – EVER. End of discussion.

    What I found most unsettling was the total disregard and disrespect for women. It wasn’t because of any loud, obnoxious voice or (God forbid) far left thinking opinion voiced in public (which I’ve already disclosed that I am not a Liberal) or for dressing shabbily or too haute couture. It was because I was a woman, plain and simple. And let me tell you, IT. WAS. WEIRD! And Palpable. And disturbing to say the least. Definitely a feeling I was never really able to shake off.

    This is a Man’s World, here in Boise. Especially for a middle-aged, white man.

    Boise, pronounced with and “s” not a “z” was what I would describe as being a, ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ type of place. And this is what I found the hardest thing to get used to. You never really knew who you could trust. The Mormon’s? Not unless you too are a Mormon. Or you are overtly religious, and thinking of becoming a Mormon. They weren’t all outright hostile, but you could just pick up on a vibe they gave off. Either too friendly that was obviously fake, or really freaked out that you are initiating a conversation with them! I found the women to be friendlier – in all categories, hands down.

    The men are really intense. If you are a demure, uneducated, religious young lady/woman, you may be more comfortable, as the men seemed very stand-offish with any good looking woman or a woman who was obviously better educated or more well traveled. Mind you, this is something a woman finds that she must never let a man know. Married or unmarried. IT. WAS. WEIRD. Again, a vibe that is difficult to describe although I’ve lived it for years now.

    I could write a book on Boise. In general, the state of Idaho has areas of extreme beauty (think Coeur d’Alene) and a private playground for the rich (Sun Valley) it’s a rather dull place at times for a person who is driven. It’s especially difficult for those who are of an independent mind (which the Libertarians will scream, that that is what Idaho is all about – fine, but NOT Boise!

    Instead of continuing to tell you what Boise is/isn’t, here is my opinion of what type(s) of people would thrive here. And please take this with a grain of salt, as these are strictly my observations.

    BOISE and the surrounding areas are, in my opinion: Mormon, overtly religious, overly religious, religious, SUPER conservative, conservative, nasty, untrustworthy, liars, can’t take a joke-folks, an unnatural hate for all things Californian (yes, they even secretly hate you, Mr. “I hate California because it’s too Mexican, too Chinese, too crowded, too expensive and too liberal, etc.”), a massive disrespect for anyone educated, anyone black, a queer disrespect for women, a disrespect for queers in general, a very reserved style of communicating, basically NO communication unless you are a person they are very familiar with.

    People in Boise are afraid of this underground community that apparently has the ball of Boise in it’s claws. Those who are involved in politics are quick to remind you to keep your ideas to yourself for fear of being fired. It’s a very pretty, backward, meth-headed, average at best area. There are hundreds of cities that are more friendly, where it’s easier to find a job, where you won’t freeze in the winter and literally MELT in the summer.

    However, if you are into kayaking, fishing, hunting, being a prepper (in case the US gov’ment comes to take your guns away) like to hike (on very dangerously dog pooped, ratty trails made of ce-ment.) trail riding, skiing (but mind you, it’s still a drive…Oh, and the TRAFFIC!) if you are a college student you will be able to black-out like the rest of the population, go to the 4 footballs games they have here a year, enjoy other mainly ignored (minor-minor league) sports teams, a one day trip to the Basque side, etc. There’s enough here to entertain you a little bit around here for about a year.

    If you have school aged children, it appears to be a relatively normal place to raise children. Until you take them to school and realize that half the parents can’t read. Or write. Or do arithmetic. Nor do they care. The other half are meth-heads. Seriously, unless you WANT your children to grow up ignorant, then you may want to either not live here or pay for the most expensive private (yet not religious) school you can find. Oh, and good luck with that. Did I mention that their schools are horrendous? But maybe education isn’t that important to you, because perhaps you’re an artist? Or a meth-head. There’s a lot of that here. And a lot of homeless (especially for the small size of the population). Except it’s ILLEGAL to be homeless in Boise. And don’t get caught feeding them, that just might land you in jail too. So much for compassionate conservatism.

    If you grew up here, I’m sure you feel strongly that Boise is the greatest place in the world. Again, it’s cute. But it is far from being even on the radar of great places. It’s just so average. Just so very average, that I would hate for a person of intelligence, a person of color, or a person of values. Sorry, the religious types here are some of the worst offenders and seem not to realize it.

    So there you have it – Boise is weirdly average on the outside (looks wise) but unbelievably BELOW average where the men are concerned. Sorry, there is a reason why the middle aged, white fat, bald men are trying to protect their way of life here. It’s so not normal here, I know it’s redundant, but really, unless you ‘fit the bill’, don’t move here. You will get STUCK and I mean STUCK here. And that my friend, would suck.

    ***Sorry for the typos, I’m in a hurry.

    • Jo says:

      Thanks. This reads like my own conclusions I’ve drawn about Idahole over the past 16 months residing here (but feels like a decade). Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. And Heaven forbid you say something mildly critical about Boise (e.g. “they really could do a better job at snow removal like back east…”). Apparently the unwritten rule is that you mindlessly praise living here and never make a peep about how things can be improved. Not conservative, just closed-minded.

  28. NEWOmen says:

    I’ve lived here for 15 years with my kids, and minority husband. I call it prison, and, like prison I’m afraid of the person I’ve become. People here commit suicide. They are killed by drunk or unsafe drivers. The law is negotiable based on social status: Mormon (best friend is the sheriff in charge), Religious right/elderly white (never does wrong even after standing over the child’s body), children of aforementioned (burn your house down, pour sand in your gas tank and poison your puppy while laughing with their uncle the sheriff), anyone employed by uncles, and the “ignorance is bliss” criminals who kill people by accident (through sheer stupidity, drunkenness, or starvation). Every other law-abiding person (including children) is suspect if they take their cat for a walk on the green Belt. Minorities and gays can expect the inquisition from anyone and everyone. “We hear you were not assaulted, harassed, had your business burned down, or robbed, is that right” (Adjusts gun). “Boy this neighborhood is going to hell. Wouldn’t you rather be SOMEWHERE ELSE??”(reviews HOA fine print). “They’ll NEVER sell that to YOU.” A common expression for incompetence that causes death or a massive lawsuit is “Things happen.” The educational system begins and ends with, “How do you spell that”. The medical system begins and ends with “Gee you’re ugly, and stupid like me (really?); except I could kill you by accident…how do you spell IV? My custom yellow Corvette is distracting me. Cancer or strep throat? that is always a tough question. We never answer…I’m having quite a day here, as the doctor, can we take a break and talk about fishing…and my other cars?”
    I have trusted, embraced, contributed, listened, accommodated, and paid hard cash to people here only to have them steal, lie, disrespect, and generally carry on like trashy pigs. I like the concept of the outdoors as much as anyone; I work with cowboys training horses. This state is full of people who intentionally and maliciously hurt horses (and their kids) as a value: abuse, break necks,let them literally dwindle and die, or get loose on the highway (killing a Hispanic woman coming home from the only job she could get mopping up lazy white men’s excrement). “It wasn’t his fault the gate was broken. He’d Never hurt a fly he’s a horseman.” You can be a totally nice person and watch your career, family, pets all fall into a banjo scene straight out of a combo of “Get Out” and “Deliverance.” People will bully and ridicule you because they all live on a dog eat dog Lord of The Flies island. For whatever reason a lot of 20 something’s here are missing body parts, usually legs. Ok maybe they ARE declarated NRA concealed carry Army (great respect and love there), but they’re also from a place that might leave you…out there… on your “weekend” away. Don’t make ANY assumptions about this place. That legless guy might just as easily have caused a young family to drive off into the river, dying an unspeakably terrible death, and lost**a leg** crushed by the loosely tied irrigation equipment that pegged said family’s car off the road. A world beyond grace is the opposite of what you expect. It embraces the bad as one of its own and disdains excellence in all its forms.

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