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5 Reasons I Absolutely Love Idaho

Idaho is usually not the first pick on everyone’s to-visit list, but sometimes the road less travelled offers unforgettable experiences. If you decide to skip Idaho, you just happen to be missing out on one of my favorite states in the Union. To counter the grumpy attitude of my fellow colleague in his article “5 Reasons I Hate Idaho” I wanted to offer up the great time I’ve had going on hunting trips in the good old “Gem of the Mountains” state.

Idaho is Great for Hunting Trips

A bad day hunting is better than good day at work, but a bad day hunting is just not to be had in Idaho. In the backwoods of Idaho you truly feel a connection between nature and man that can rarely experienced in our plugged in world. In Idaho you can hunt deer, elk, black bear, mountain, moose, waterfowl, upland birds and furbearers. I hear the fishing is great too!

I highly recommend the guided hunting tours to let the locals give you a good showing around of the lay of the land. These guided tours also will take you to some of the better camp sites, and take care some of the less entertaining logistics of hunting. Also, you’ve got to make sure you get your license in advanced, because they do sell out rather early. You aren’t the only person who wants to take advantage of the wealth of game offered by Idaho’s hunting seasons.

Idaho is Beautiful

The stereotypical image many people have of Idaho is flat old boring land filled with potato farms. This image could not be further from the truth. The author Ernest Hemmingway spent the last years of his life in Idaho. He was surprised about the beauty the state had to offer and said, “… A lot of state, this Idaho, that I didn’t know about.” The whitewaters, emerald foot hills, rugged mountains, pristine lakes and endless woods offer unlimited possibilities for outdoor recreation.

The best way to really experience Idaho is by visiting their vast amount of public lands. Whether you want to hike, bike, kayak, fish or just take the beauty in, you are going to have a life changing experience. Visiting Idaho will give you a whole new perspective on what the Untied States has to offer as a country, because so much beauty in just one state is definitely a blessing.

Great Burgers

I’m not going to lie to you, the Idaho food scene ain’t the best for all different types of cuisines. You don’t go to Thailand and order a burger, right? The same applies to Idaho, you don’t go to Idaho for Thai food. If there is one cuisine that the land of Idaho has mastered it is their burgers. Once you’ve had an Idaho burger, you’ll be hankering for you next visit just to get in a good Idaho burger fix.

We mentioned in our 5 Best Burgers in the United States article Hudson’s, a small joint in Coeur d’Alene that offers some of the best burgers right of the skillet. There is something endearing about the old style service that allows you to watch them make the burger right in front of you.

We’d also like to give an honorable mention to the Boise Fry Company that offers a delicious selection of 7 different fries since Idaho is the potato state accompanied by a plethora of different specialty dipping sauces. Their burger, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, tangy gastrique and magical garlic aioli, is also absolutely top notch, and as a bonus they use ingredients sourced from local farms. There are lots of burger joints in Idaho that deserve a mention here, so feel free to comment with any tasty options we didn’t have space to mention.

Friendly and Eclectic People

Idaho is definitely not a state full of bumpkin rednecks, but you will run into some of those too. The rugged nature of Idaho attracts people who just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern society. It is a state filled with a lot of libertarians who truly value their independence, but there are also people of all variety of political affiliations from anarchists to neo-conservatives. If you want to have an interesting conversation, just mention the Mormon church to a non-Mormon local. These people do not like have rules forced on them by anyone, so the Mormon church rubs a lot of people the wrong way. (Note: make sure you aren’t asking a Mormon, because Idaho has a lot of those too)!

When you drive through the streets of Idaho one thing you’ll notice is that people wave at you, a lot. Don’t worry you haven’t been caught on the evening news or on a viral YouTube video, but people are just darn right friendly in Idaho. It must be all the fresh air they get, or maybe the distinct lack of rush hour traffic.  You tell us Idaho, why are you so friendly?

The Women are Smokin’ Hot

If you are a single guy and like a buff girl who likes to spend time skiing, hiking and hunting then you are bound to find a match in Idaho. Idaho girls have some of the sexiest legs around I’ve seen, it must be all that time they spend outside. You can also find some refined ladies in the urban centers who like the more delicate feminine things in life. You can also find the mix of both lady-like and bad-ass that is hard to find in other places.

As a gentlemen’s tip I’ve got to tell you one thing, there are lots of women from Idaho who are looking for some variety. The low population in general makes the picking slim for the ladies, but lucky for them you are swooping into town. They’ll be excited to hear about your adventures in the land out yonder of Idaho, so don’t shy away from mentioning you are from out-of-town.


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  1. Kenzie says:

    I have to say growing up in idaho I agree with both articles you published about Idaho. As a democratic teenager growing up in such a bland place, I’m glad that you can remind me of beauty here too.

  2. Idahoen says:

    Democratic teenager? Lol

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