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5 Reasons Coffee is Good for Your Health

Not that you need a reason to grab that second cup today, but this article may help erase the guilt from indulging in a little extra of the bitter nectar of the gods, also known as coffee. In the past years many health fanatics have been quick to mark off coffee as a “bad for you” item. It turns out the exact opposite true, so once again the health nuts out there were wrong. Even if it wasn’t the case, they would still have to rip the mug out of my dead still-jittering hands.

Disclaimer: Like all good things moderation is the way to go. If coffee is starting to make you feel ill in anyway, that means you’ve had too much. The generic cut off point by Web MD is four cups a day, but everyone is different. Make sure to listen to your body, so that you can enjoy coffee for many years to come.

It Gives Your Brain Superpowers!

It is not a coincidence that coffee helps you navigate through rush hour traffic when you are half asleep. Coffee contains the substance we all love, caffeine. Caffeine is a psychoactive substance meaning it literally crosses from the blood stream to the brain. Other psychoactive substances include nicotine, alcohol, cocaine, LSD and a whole lot of other not-so-good for you things. We could see why people may even think if coffee falls in the same category as all of these harmful substances, it must be harmful too. That doesn’t make those people right.

Caffeine blocks a neurotransmitter in the brain causing the brain to increase other neurotransmitters. The effect of this is your mood, reaction time, memory, productivity and all other brain functions are improved. The downside to this is that if you have too much caffeine all of the neural activity can give you a headache.  If you get a headache you’ve had too much coffee today!

It Gives Your Body Superpowers

Feeling too tired to exercise? Try taking a hit of caffeine before you hit the gym. Caffeine is an ingredient in many exercise supplements. Just as a warning, there are also studies out there that suggest this method can be bad for people with a history of cardiovascular issues, so this method is not for everyone.

Caffeine raises metabolism and oxidation to mobilize fatty acids that give the body energy. The extra energy can boost your athletic performance from 11 to 12% according to two large meta-analyses that looked at many studies examining the link between caffeine and exercise. If you need that extra edge at the game or just need an extra push to the gym, coffee can be a great option.

Great for Helping Your Liver Revitalize from Hangovers

People have thought for a longtime that coffee can help ease a hangover, but this is an urban myth since caffeine narrows your blood vessels and boosts blood pressure making a hangover worse. What you may not know is that in the long run coffee actually helps the liver fight off problems caused by long term alcohol consumption. .

The liver is in charge of managing all the extra fructose and alcohol that we put into our bodies. For some of us that it makes it an extremely busy part of our body. By drinking coffee you are actually helping the liver do its job, but scientist aren’t exactly sure how yet.

In various studies, see one here, there is evidence that drinking coffee lowers your chances of developing various liver diseases included cirrhosis, liver cancer and fatty liver disease. More research is being done to see if the links between patients experiencing less liver disease and drinking more coffee is in fact significant, so don’t get on your science soap box yet. Until scientists find out more you can still drink that cup of coffee to your livers health with a slight certainty that it can be helpful your liver’s vitality.

I Wanna Live Forever

If the immortality-granting Holy Grail is filled with a liquid, that liquid would have to be coffee. Despite people still insisting that coffee is unhealthy, people who drink coffee actually live longer than those who don’t. Pipe that in your pipe and smoke it, or I guess perhaps your grass-enhanced smoothie.

In two epidemiological studies it was found that drinking coffee actually lowers your risk of death by all causes. There also have been studies that found that drinking coffee lowers the risk diseases that makes get old a drag like Alzheimers, dementia and Parkison’s. Moral of the story: drink coffee or die.

There is Good Stuff Actually in the Coffee

Coffee is not just a nutritionless substance that helps us wake up in the morning. It actually contains lots of nutrients and antioxidants that our bodies needs. You can few your cup or four of coffee like you would view a multi-vitamin.

Coffee is in fact where the Western World gets most its antioxidants. Antioxidants are the awesome substance that protects our cells from damage which can lead to nasty things like cancer, heart disease and more. Coffee also contains B1, B2 , B3, B5, Potassium and Manganese. These vitamins do everything from promote healthy skin to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. We would list all of the benefits of these vitamins, but basically we would need to name every function from head to toe. If you want to learn more you can start here and read the benefits of just B2 alone.

Coffee Makes You Happy

Coffee gives you an energy boost, so if you are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed it should boost the energy for that too, right? Wrong! From personal experience I can say if you take my coffee away from me, it isn’t making me happier. Let us go just a little deeper than what I’ve got to say today.

Recent studies are beginning to examine how coffee affects our mood.


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