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3 simple ways to improve your mood

People in positions of  power often find themselves struggling to move away from negative thinking to a positive state of mind. If you’re in a foul mood, it may adversely affect your efficiency and performance at work, how does one redress the situation?
First and foremost, it’s always best to take a few deep breaths. Breathing can help restore the physiological goal of ‘coherence’, which makes it possible for an immediate improvement in clarity of thought, ability to focus, emotional steadiness, and better decision-making. Practicing mindfulness which is the art of focusing of the present moment through breathing is always a good way to calm down instantly. With the advent of smart phones and tablets it’s as easy as downloading the apps Headspace and Mindfulness and simply spending a few minutes on them when stressed.

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Secondly, it can be most helpful to generate positive feelings by calmly focusing on an individual, place, or thing you are readily comfortable with.

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Lastly but not least, asking yourself a few simple questions should prove to be useful in rearranging one’s thinking pattern: what Is a better alternative for the situation at hand? What matters most which needs to be put in place with immediate effect? What can be learnt in this precise moment? What does your gut instinct tell you? What is a more beneficial, practical, workable solution? What is the most sought-after result? This should help to rejuvenate one’s thinking with a fresh approach and a clear path for meaningful execution.

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