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16 Easy Ways to Cut Sugar from Your Diet 

The average American consumes over 100 pounds of sugar a year! That is way too much sugar! Health officials are encouraging people to cut back in the amount of sugar they consume, because over-consumption of sugar leads to a lot of health problems. It can be difficult to cut sugar out from our diets though! Not only is sugar extremely tasty and addictive, but it is in a lot of foods and beverages that most people consider staples. Here are twenty tips that can help you begin to cut back on the amount of sugar that is in our diet.


1. Avoid Cocktails and Wine

These alcoholic beverages are loaded with sugar, especially the cocktails. Some cocktails can have even more sugar than soda, and that explains part of the reason as to why they are so tasty! Instead of a sugar alcoholic beverage, opt for just straight liquor or a cold beer to get your drink on when you are out. Or if you must have a glass of wine or cocktail, just have one then switch to less sugary alternatives.


2. No Soda

Soda is a nasty habit that is just bad for your health all around. The average soda contains more than the daily amount of recommended sugar. The easiest way to cut sugar from your diet is to just stop drinking soda all together, or at least cut back on the amount of soda you drink on a daily basis.


3. No Smoothies or Juices Either

Smoothies and juices are claimed to be healthy by the mob that keeps boosting their health benefits, but they are just as sugar-filled or sometimes even more sugary than sodas. The reason people feel so energized by these drinks is due to the fact there blood sugar spikes up after drinking that much sugar at once. Do yourself a favor, don’t fall for this sugary health craze!


4. High Quality Dessert Only

If you are one of those people who must have dessert, limit your desserts to high quality options only. This means skipping out on cheap desserts like candy bars, crappy donuts and low quality baked goods. This way when you have dessert you can make it a treat instead of just a regular part of your diet.


5. Eat More Fruit

Fruit is naturally sugary, so it gives you a healthy sugary fix. Replace other sugary habits by grabbing an in-season piece of fruit.


6. Eat Regularly

When we wait too long in between meals we usually want to reach for foods that have the highest amount of calories. To avoid these cravings eat small meals throughout the day instead of waiting until when you are starving!


7. Cut Cereal

Cereal is a good breakfast option for kids who need the energy to get through the day, but it is way too sugary for adults. Even “healthier” cereals tend to have a huge amount of sugar per serving.


8. Chew Gum

If you find yourself needing something sweet right now just try popping a piece of gum. This will give you just a tad of something sweet while keeping your mouth occupied.


9. Don’t Completely Cut it Out from Your Diet

When we deny ourselves a food, we tend to eventually fall back into the habit. Most people can last just a little bit before they just have to splurge on a whole bunch of sugar. It is better for our health to eat sugar but do so with moderation in mind.


10. Be on the look out for Additive Syrups

Corn syrup isn’t the only syrup that is bad for us. Pretty much any vegetable or legume with syrup listed afterwards, for example, brown corn syrup, in the ingredients list is bad for you, so check labels of pre-made foods to avoid having the sugary syrup in your diet.


11. Drink Coffee and Tea without Sugar

Sugar in coffee and tea is for teenage girls. It is try to man up and enjoy the complex flavors of tea and coffee without the sugar. It may taste a little bitter at first, but you will get used to the taste of these beverages without sugar.


12. Herbal Teas for Alternative to Sugary Drinks

If you are absolutely addicted to sugary drinks, herbal teas can serve as a good substitute. Lots of herbal teas are naturally sweet, so you get the sweet taste without any added sugar. Try it iced during the summer for a nice cool treat.


13. Cut Back Sugar in Recipes

If you cook at home, try to cut back on sugar in all recipes that you make. Just adding a little bit less sugar to recipes will not make too much of a difference in the outcome.


14. Eat More Meals at Home

When we eat out there is usually no way for us to tell what exactly is in our food. By eating at home we know all the ingredients that go in our food, so it is easier to control the amount of sugar in our diet.


15. Brush Teeth After Meals

Sometimes when we don’t brush our teeth after meals the flavor of food stays in our mouth. By brushing out teeth we freshen our breath, so that we won’t have cravings for any food until the taste of the toothpaste wears off.


16. Watch Your Portions

Desserts are sometimes served in huge portions. In any case where you having a large dessert, just save some for later or opt for the smaller size.


17. Share

Sharing dessert is a great way to cut down the amount of sugar you eat! It is also a romantic gesture to share a date when you are out on a date with a lady.

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