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10 tips to make your apartment better

The manliness of your apartment may fail to impress your girlfriend even if she doesn’t say anything. A messy, weird or smelly flat is a big no-no so here are some tips to make your pad as perfect as you can for her!


1. Toilet paper

Toilet Paper

Not only do you need to make sure that there is toilet paper in the apartment, but you should also check if there is a fresh roll on the dispenser when you anticipate having your girlfriend over. Remember that there should be toilet paper in all the bathrooms in your pad, just in case she happens to use the bathroom that no one uses.


2. Hoover, mop and sweep

The Name's Dyson, James Dyson

If you’ve got carpet make sure you hoover thoroughly at least once a week.  At minimum sweep your floor regularly, probably a few times a week is a good idea. There is nothing nastier than making someone walk on a dirty floor. Also, don’t wear shoes in the first place if you want to avoid your floor from getting dirty. Use a mop with antibacterial solution on the kitchen and bathroom floor once a week or after any spillage. I recommend occasionally giving the corners of your flat some attention so dirt doesn’t gather there, but this isn’t an absolute must.


3. Tidy everything


Spending ten minutes a day just putting things in order will make a huge difference in your flat. If you don’t feel so inclined to tidy every day, try doing a huge cleanup before your girlfriend comes over. This means cleaning dishes, throwing away trash, putting dirty laundry in a hamper, hanging up clothes, etc. All of those things that as a grown adult you should do anyways, but as bloke we sometime lets things slide. Just make sure you tidy up best that you can before inviting her over.


4. Let there be light (unless dust is everywhere)

Lava lamp

Make sure that it isn’t too dark or too bright in your apartment by having plenty of overhead lighting, lamps and ambient lighting to choose from. If you are going to have someone over during the day, it is probably a good idea to dust if you plan on having any blinds open. Having a lava lamp in the bedroom is always a nice touch.


5. Smoke outside


If you are smoker, it can be a good idea to do so outside. Smoking inside creates a stale smell that no one really is a fan of, and it also can result in you losing your deposit on your apartment if you are renting. Even if it is cold just make yourself go outside to smoke. You can always quit completely but at the very least smoke by an open window to let some of the smell and fumes escape the flat.


6. Extra toothbrush


When you plan on your girlfriend spending the night, it can be a nice touch to have unused and unopened tooth brush available for her use if you don’t already have one for her. Even if she isn’t coming over anytime soon as far as you can tell, keep a few extra tooth brushes handy just in case. If you really want to impress her have fresh towels, hair brush, straighteners, shampoo and conditioner ready.


7. Decorations

Bonsai tree

An absolutely barren apartment can seem rather sterile and uncomfortable to any visitors alone, and it also can make like you are completely apathetic. Pick out some canvases, ornaments, and plants to decorate your flat, so that it doesn’t look so empty and depressing. Try to avoid any of the stereotypical lad decorations that will be a turn-off. Anything featuring juvenile themes probably aren’t the best choice if you want to impress her.


8. Candles

Scented Candles

A couple of lit candles can really set the mood for an evening. You don’t need anything with a strong smell but a couple nice scented candles will do the trick. Make sure to blow them out when you’re done so that you don’t burn the place down or overheat yourselves! P.S. This may be a good time to make sure the batteries are fresh in your fire detector.


9. Get rid of piles of junk


It can be tempting to leave a pile here and pile there, but there is no such thing as a neat pile. If you must have a pile, find somewhere to store the pile, because your desk, the middle of the floor and/or the coffee table are not storage bins. By ridding your pad of piles it will look about a 10000000% more orderly.


10. Chocolate

Unless she’s lactose intolerant always have a supply of this saccharine aphrodisiac.



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